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July 6, 1189. A few quotes from historic manuscripts shed a unique light on Henry, Eleanor and their sons. From Sir Winston Churchill Kt, 1675 : “Henry II Plantagenet, the very first of that name and race, and the very greatest King that England ever knew, but withal the most unfortunate … his death being imputed to those only to whom himself had given life, his ungracious sons…” From Sir Richard Baker, A Chronicle of the Kings of England : Concerning endowments of mind, he was of a spirit in the highest degree generous … His custom was to be always in action; for which cause, if he had no real wars, he would have feigned … To his children he was both indulgent and hard; for out of indulgence he caused his son henry to be crowned King in his own time; and out of

hardness he caused his younger sons to rebel against him … He married Eleanor, daughter of William Duke of Guienne, late wife of Lewis the Seventh of France. Some say King Lewis carried her into the Holy Land, where she carried herself not very holy, but led a licentious life; and, which is the worst kind of licentiousness, in carnal familiarity with a Turk.”