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speckled and such, and not himself (who it really was). His wives encouraged him to do as god bids, and leave with the advantage he has gotten over Laban. So he set out with all his crew, to go back to his father?s house. Unbeknownst to all, Rachel took her father?s household gods with her when they fled. Laban did not know Jacob had fled, so he chased after him, but god told him not to say any good or bad words to Jacob. Laban caught up to them, and asked why Jacob did this. Jacob admitted he was afraid if he did not flee in secret that he wouldn?t be able to flee at all, not without leaving his family behind. So Jacob told Laban to take what is his that is among Jacob?s crew. Laban searched for his household gods in his family?s tents, but did not find them. Rachel had hidden

them in the saddle of the camel upon which she sits. Laban went to meet her, and she said, ?Let not my lord be angry that I cannot rise before you, for the way of the women is upon me.?(Gen 31:35)(520) So Laban could not find his gods. Jacob grew angry with Laban, over why he has hotly pursued him and searches through his stuff, and how Laban has screwed him over many times. Laban said that all Jacob has is his, but what can he do about it? He wants to make a covenant with Jacob. They set up a pillar of stones, as a witness, that ?I will not pass beyond this heap and this pillar to me for harm. May the god of Abraham and the god of Nahor judge between us.? (Gen 31:52)(521) So Jacob swore on this too, and they celebrated all night. In the morning, Laban returned home. Jacob set on

his way home. Angels met him in a certain place, so he called that place Mahanaim. He sent messengers ahead to Esau, and he told the messengers that he has lived with his father?s brother until now, and is coming back with wealth. The messengers returned to say that Esau was coming to meet Jacob, with 400 men. Jacob feared for his life. He broke his group into two parts, the flocks and shepherds, and the rest. He thought that if one party encountered Esau, that the other might escape. He then prayed to god to come out of this encounter with Esau alive. It is apparent that, amid all the tragic tangles in human relations, Jacob realized that ultimately it was god with whom he dealt. (622) He spent the night there, and the next day he prepared gifts to send to his brother Esau. From

what he had, he took 200 female goats, 20 male goats, 200 ewes, 20 rams, 30 milch camels and their colts, 40 cows, 10 bulls, 20 female donkeys and 10 female donkeys. He told his servants that were taking them to Esau to put some space between them, and when his brother questions him about who these are from, what your destination is, and who is ahead of you, to say ?they belong to your servant Jacob, and are presented to you as a gift, and he is coming up after us.? He told this to each one. That night he took his family and crossed the ford of the Jabbok. He sent them ahead and he was alone. He met a man on the shore, and he began to grapple with him. They wrestled until dawn, and when the man saw he couldn?t win, he struck Jacob on the hip, disjointing his socket. The man

wanted to leave, but Jacob refused to let him go until he blessed him. The man asked his name, and Jacob told him, and the man said, ?You shall no longer be called Jacob, but Israel, for you have striven with god and humans, and have prevailed.? (Gen 32:27)(523) Jacob asked his name, but he asked why, and then he blessed Jacob, so Jacob called the place Peniel, saying ?For I have seen god face to face, and yet my life is preserved.? (Gen 32:30)(524) Jacob limped after this day. God?s blessing as an expression of divine power exclusively affirms and nurtures like, bringing it somehow from the underworld of the fear of death to light, as Jacob was brought through the darkness of the night to daylight, and awarded a blessing after having gone through the experience of a fight. (225)

Some think, that the fight was actually a dream of Jacob?s, and that his opponent was really Esau himself. Who else would Jacob dream of than his brother that he would meet the next day and probably come to blows with. (326) It is thought by some that the injury may have been closer to the genital area. Castration, back then, was the ultimate humiliation. Could his injury have been the result of the man trying to castrate Jacob? (327) Jacob came close to meeting Esau and his 400 men. Jacob wishes to shun death, which is lurking in his brother?s four hundred men, but not by inflicting death himself. (228) He saw them coming, so he split up the children among Leah, Rachel, and the two maids. He put the maids? group in front, then Leah and hers, and then Rachel and hers. He went out