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couldn?t do this until the flocks were together and the stone is rolled from the mouth of the water hole. When Jacob saw Rachel, was a symbolic moment in Jacob?s life and in the pages of the bible. He rolled the stone off the well and watered the flock of Rachel, then kissed Rachel, then wept and told Rachel that he was a relative, and Rebekah?s son, and she ran to tell her father. Laban came to meet Jacob, and Jacob told him he was a kinsman, and Laban said he was sure Jacob was a strong relative, and Jacob stayed there a month. Jacob served Laban, and Laban said, that since he was kin, he shouldn?t serve for nothing, so he asked him what he wanted, and Jacob said he will serve for seven years for Rachel, and Laban agreed. The time went by fast, for Jacob was in love with

Rachel. Then Jacob?s time was up, and he asked Laban for Rachel?s hand in marriage. So Laban made a great feast to celebrate, but at the end of the feast, presuming Jacob was more than a little drunk, and it was dark, Laban sent Leah, his eldest daughter, to sleep with Jacob, instead of Rachel. Jacob was surprised in the morning, and asked Laban why he deceived him. Laban explained that it is custom in this land not to marry the younger daughter before the elder. (917) Laban said that in another seven years of servitude Jacob could have Rachel. So he served for that time, and got Rachel finally. The lord saw that Leah was unloved, so he made her conceive. Leah bore Jacob three sons, Reuben, Simeon, Levi, and Judah, which she hoped would get her attention from her husband.

Religiously, (through Levi) and politically (through Judah), the leadership of Israel will belong to the sons of Leah, the unloved, because she was an unbeautiful wife to Jacob. (118) Jacob?s hatred for Leah is not explained. One is led to deduce that her very presence is a constant reminder to Jacob of how he, the deceiver, was deceived in turn, forced into an unwanted marriage and seven years? additional free service to his uncle, in order to claim his beloved Rachel. (419) Leah wouldn?t bear any more children. Rachel was barren, like Rebekah was at first, and she was envious of Leah, so she begged Jacob for a child, but Jacob was angry, telling her it wasn?t his fault but god was responsible, and not to put him in the place of god. Rachel then told Jacob to have a child with

her maid Bilhah who will bear it over her so it would be hers. Rachel?s maid bore two children like this, first Dan, then Naphtali. Leah was again jealous of Rachel, so she gave her maid Zilpah to Jacob to have children with, of which he had two: first Gad then Asher. One day in the field, Rachel ?bought? mandrakes from Leah, the price being a night with Jacob. Jacob lay with her, and she bore two sons, Issachar then Zebulun, and then a daughter named Dinah. Rachel bore one more son, whom she named Joseph. Now it was time for Jacob to go back to his own family. He asked Laban for his wives and his children. Laban said he has learned that Jacob is blessed by the lord and Laban has profited from this blessing from having Jacob around, so Laban says to Jacob to ?name your wages, and

I will give it.? Jacob says he will need food for his household, so he will go among Laban?s flocks and take every speckled and spotted sheep and goat and every black lamb, and that he will take with him. Jacob says that if any other animals are found with him, they shall be counted as stolen. Laban agrees, but that very day, Laban goes through his flock and takes out all the animals that are to go to Jacob, the spotted, the speckled and the black sheep, and sends them with his sons about 3 days distance away, while Jacob was with the rest of the flock in the pasture. Jacob, intending to cheat a bit of his own accord, took rods of poplar, almond, and plane, and peeled white streaks in them, exposing the white of the rods, and put them around the flocks? watering area, where they

were believed to breed. It was believed, that the coloring of the young, would be similar to what the parent sheep saw when they bred. So many young were produced that were speckled, striped, or black sheep, which were to go to Jacob. Jacob arranged it so, using the rods, and determining whether strong or weak sheep were breeding, that his new flock would be much stronger and Laban?s young would be weaker. The family of Laban didn?t like that Jacob was getting rich off them, neither did Laban himself. God told Jacob it was time to return home, so Jacob fetched Rachel and Leah, told them he was not welcome at Laban?s anymore, and showed them the coloring of his flocks, telling them the arrangement he had with Laban, and he told them that it was god who made the flocks striped and