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felt that socialism was worth fighting for and after receiving basic military training he was spent a couple of uneventful months in Aragon where he was injured in the throat. After he returned to Barcelona, he found out that everything had returned to its “normal” state and had to escape arrest by leaving for France. His experience in Spain left two impressions, one of hope and one of despair in his mind. Firstly, that socialism was, even though impermanent, a possibility and secondly, that humanity would always seek dominance over others through violence and conflict. In 1938, Orwell became afflicted with tuberculosis and spent some time in Morocco. There, he wrote Coming Up For Air. When the war between England and Germany broke out he wanted to enlist but was unfit to do

so. He later joined the British Broadcasting Corporation in 1941 as a talks producer. After leaving the BBC in 1943, he began writing Animal Farm and in 1946, he wrote Nineteen Eighty-Four. These two famous satires helped him attain prominence in the late 1940’s. In January of 1950, George Orwell succumbed to his illness and died. George Orwell’s books, documentaries, essays and criticism during the 1930’s and 40’s established him as one of the most significant and prominent influence of the 20th century.