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was an incredibly handsome man and he always was clean shaven. Although he was a heavy drinker, he was very healthy and very athletic. He liked reading, music and theater and he was incredibly loyal to his friends.Soon, Alexander had conquered Persia and, in an attempt to make the Persians to respect him as their leader, he treated them fairly.However, his drinking and heavy temper got in his way. On one occasion, the son of Alexander s most trusted general was involved in a plot to assassinate him . Although the general had nothing to do with the incident, he was executed along with his son. Soon thereafter, the successor of the old general insulted Alexander at a party and Alexander killed him on the spot. In 327 BC, Alexander captured a group of rebels and fell in love with

the leader s daughter, Roxane. They were married and she got pregnant, but the baby was stillborn. It was four years until his next baby, but he was still conquering much of India and was away from Roxane for a long period of time. His men refused to go any further, however, and he turned back to go home. On the march home, he fought many cities, and took an arrow in the chest, but lived.On a later visit to Persia, he found that many of his Governors had abused their power. He had them executed and, in an attempt to reunite the two civilizations, he married the old King s daughter, Barsine, while still married to Roxane. His best friend, Hephaestion, married Barsine s sister, Drypetis. He even gave some Persians high rankings in his army. But these attempts failed and even the

marriages broke up.In the fall of 324 BC, Alexander s best friend, Hephaestion, died.Alexander was heartbroken and in the following summer, Alexander became ill and died on June 13 in Babylon at the age of 32. Modern historians have long suspected that he died from Malaria, but, recently, it has been suggested that Typhoid Fever was the culprit. Today, we know Alexander as one of the greatest generals, leaders, and conquerors of all time, and we know that this was his main goal in life… To be remembered, not as a villain, but as his childhood dream…..A war hero.