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become more deadly as they burn. (Ibid) A cigarette now has been altered from just tobacco to sticks with 600 other additives and now is their even enough room to put tobacco in them. Cigarettes have 600 legal additives in them. Secondhand smoke kills approximately 3,000 people per year and 1,114,000 people are subjected to secondhand smoke at home. When a cigarette is smoked, about one-half of the smoke generated is side stream smoke. This form of smoke contains essentially all of the same carcinogenic (cancer causing) and toxic agents that have been identified in the mainstream smoke inhaled by the smoker, but at greater levels. More than 4,000 individual compounds have been identified in tobacco and tobacco smoke. Among these are about 60 compounds that are carcinogens, tumor

initiators, and tumor promoters. (Ibid) Section Three: Be it enacted by the Senate and the House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled in this act are entitled to ?Protect our youth from the use of tobacco? * Beginning Jan 1, 2002 the smoking age is going to rise. The smoking age will then be 21 and make it so that there is an easier detection to tell age. 1. Beginning Jan 1, 2002 the law is going to include a rule against selling without looking at Identification. That is even if somebody looks 21 they are still to be carded, everyone gets carded, even a 80 year old man on his death bed. 2. Beginning Jan 1, 2002 Cigarettes are only to be sold at specialty store and the stores need to be at least 50 miles apart. 3. Beginning Jan 1, 2002 There

are to be no ads in magazines, billboards or commercials on television. 4. Beginning Jan 1, 2002 Cigarettes are to only be smoked in the privacy of your own house, or the privacy of others homes. 5. Beginning Jan 1, 2002 Cigarettes are to be added to the D.A.R.E. (Dare to keep kids off Drugs) program and kids are to be educated just as much as drugs as cigarettes. 6. Beginning Jan 1, 2002 Cigarettes are to be sold in colorless packages that have no identification on them but the simple name printed in black plain ink. 7. Beginning Jan 1, 2002 Cigarette prices are to be raised a dollar and that extra dollar is to be donated to the National Lung Cancer Association. 313