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facilities that could possibly lead to the prevention of future unwanted pregnancies. So as I see it, although Bush and Gore both oppose abortion, their approaches differ in a very radical way. Bush wants to do away with abortion entirely without offering any ideas on how to eliminate unwanted pregnancies. Gore wants to leave the decision to the people and possibly with proper funding institute new ideas that will alleviate some of these unwanted pregnancies. I believe that this is what an ideal president should do so that the choice will still be the woman’s, after all America is the land of the free! When you approach the voting booths on Election Day be sure to study the ballot carefully and remember where Al Gore stands on the education and abortion issue. In addition, when

you punch in the hole for Gore make sure that you punch it all the way so that the votes are countable. I believe that Gore would make an ideal president due to his feeling on education, abortion, and many other major issues. He comes from a strong family and has an amazing political history, and I feel this entitles him to a fair chance at Presidency. He is the best candidate for the job and you should elect him for the President of the United States. Vote Al Gore for President.