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candidacy very strong in my opinion, and they differ a great deal in comparison to his opponent, George W. Bush. As you can see, Al Gore has a strong program that he believes will help education. Bush does not focus on these same issues, and to be frank he is not a strong believer in spending a lot of federal money on the education system. Bush believes that we, the American people, should “focus on responsibility and parents, not on federal spending”(Issues 4). Bush understands that our education system is struggling, but he does not want to invest money in it. Schools always receive federal funding, but Bush says, “if you get federal money, you must return measurements”(Issues 4). This means that when the government gives money to schools, the schools must pay some of

it back. However, if schools need money in the first place, how can they afford to pay back any money to the government? This makes no sense to me, and the government should help American become educated in this ever-growing technological time. I conclude that Al Gore’s education program is far superior to Bush’s plan. Abortion is another main issue in this enlightening campaign. American has been dealing with abortion since 1821 when the first abortion law was passed (Rein 6). This has been an on going argument for a long time, and many important Supreme Court cases have changed the laws and ideas regarding the abortion issue. Abortion is a touching issue that each candidate must address in a certain way, and Gore knows how to handle this touching debate. Al Gore understands

that abortion is a difficult issue and approaches it in a sensitive way. Gore understands that a woman has a right to choose when and where a baby is going to be born. In fact, in January 2000 Gore stated that, “abortion is a question for women, not for [the] government or [the] president”(Issues 1). Gore understands a woman has the “right to choice, regardless of economic circumstances”(Issues 1). Gore is not for abortion or against it; all he wants is for the person to be able to make the right decision for their particular life. He wants to form clinics to help women who have had abortions cope with the pain, if it is present, and teach them how to cope with their choices. Gore expressed that he “would support RU-486, if [it] was proven safe”(Issues 1). For those

of you who do not know what RU-486 is, allow me to explain. RU-486 is a pill women can take the morning after having unprotected sex to eliminate the possibility of an unwanted pregnancy. This pill kills the fertilized egg so it can no longer grow into a fetus (Abortion 3). It is not legal for everyone in America yet, but it will soon be if proven safe. Gore wants to make sure that “abortions are safe, legal, and rare”(Issues 1). He believes that there should be “more family planning” instead of making an appointment to receive an abortion. Gore is a caring man who understands the tough choices Americans must make on a daily basis. He tries to connect to people in any way possible, and I feel he would make a caring leader who would do everything in his power to make the

American people happy. On the other hand, Bush wants to make people happy too, but be sure that you must subscribe to what he feels should make one happy. Gore wants Americans to have choices instead of demands being placed upon them. Isn’t that what America is all about, making our own choices with our own independent minds? Therefore, I would choose Gore because he will support the American tradition of keeping abortion the people’s choice. Although Bush and Gore see abortion in the same way, their approaches to this difficult situation are not similar at all. Bush does not agree with abortion and does not support the women’s right to choose. Gore and Bush both do not agree with abortion, but Gore understands the women’s right while Bush does not. Bush thinks that the

“approval of RU-486 is wrong”(Issues 1). Bush also believes “every child born and unborn ought to be protected”(Issues 1). Although this statement may be true, who should have the right to decide, the President of the United States or the woman carrying the baby? Bush also believes that no tax money should be spent to eliminate the need for abortion. Is this a feasible solution to eliminate future abortions? Furthermore, Bush does not want to spend any tax money on education or abortion. The new question then is what does he plan on doing with it all? Are these issues not important enough to spend any of the tax- payers money? Gore plans on investing money into the issue of abortion to keep it safe for women who do decide to use it, and he has hopes of instituting