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A Bad Boss Essay, Research Paper In today’s working market, employers can be characterized by several interpretations by their employees. Some employees would characterize their boss as being a responsible, polite and caring person. Others would criticize their boss as rude, irresponsible and selfish, with an incompatible personality. I have worked for several jobs in different places with different professions, and I was employed by a number of managers. Through all the jobs that I have worked for, I was lucky enough to have a very good boss, except from my last job which I quit last year. Having worked for nearly one and a half years in a pizza store as a waitress, I realized that it was about time to quit due to my irresponsible, rude and selfish boss. Irresponsibility

is a very soft word that I can describe my ex-boss’s actions. For instance, when I was first employed by him, I thought I was going to have a great time in that pizza store, since my shift hours were reflecting the salary I was getting paid. However, after about a month of being employed in his restaurant, he cut off from all the personnel’s salaries without giving any sufficient notice or reason. The excuse that he gave was that salaries depended on productive services and due to the low amount of customers at that period, he had to deduct it from our salaries. I believe that customers were getting fewer, not because the restaurant was unclean or the food was expensive, but due to his irresponsibility to provide the necessary products and supplies in his restaurant. Every

time something from the stock was running out, there was no substitution. He used carelessness to the extent that he never provided a large amount of stock in his restaurant. Furthermore, he was not only forgetting to buy more stock, but he was always late. Instead of arriving first, he would show up a couple of hours before the restaurant was closing. That overtakes the limits of an uncountable person. Moreover, besides being irresponsible, he was indeed a very rude person. Every time he entered his restaurant, he would yell at us without any particular reason. He never smiled, and never complimented on anything we did right. Not only was he never pleased with us, but also all of the personnel were afraid of him, as he was always in his “bad days.” For example, one Friday

night as I can recall, he went across to the chefs counter and started screaming to the head-chef very loud. The manager claimed that the kitchen wasn’t cleaned enough. He was yelling so loud, that the customers sitting opposite the chef’s counter overheard him. That incident was not only embarrassing for him, but for his entire pizza business. Finally, I would also characterize him as a very selfish person. For example, whenever he made any kind of mistake in his business, whether it was counting the money in the cashier, or even addressing the personnel with different names, he would never hear any comments from anyone. He was always “the right boss.” The only thing that concerned him was money, and he even collected the tips that the customers placed in a plastic jar

near the bar. He never shared those tips amongst his personnel; we just earned our salary without any tips. That has been his strange rules and regulations that we were obliged to follow in that pizza store. All in all, having worked in that store for one and a half years, it was the biggest mistake I’ve ever made. Since he was so irresponsible, rude, and selfish, nobody deserved such a treatment. However, it was a period of time that jobs were scarce, so we remained patient due to economic reasons. The next time I’ll be looking for a job, I will be much more careful and prevent myself from working under those circumstances.