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this equilibrium? YOUNG BEAR: Simple, you have to become your own therapist. Literally. You have to suffer for a while until you reason things out, becoming in a sense your own psycho-healer. Being a writer, I sometimes feel as if the world is a giant concrete bridge that is balanced atop my chest and it’s about to crash through. The reality is, it won’t. There are other priorities in the offing that will need attending to — I know. Eventually. Writing therefore isn’t everything. As you’ve heard, far more is involved to my life than books. I can dish out excoriation but I can also heed it. This reminds me of something which might be a good closure. Once in my youth I flew across America on a plane with two other writers who chatted ceaselessly about literature, naming

all the books they had read, written articles on, and so forth. Corning from a community where such gibberish is nonexistent, I remind myself of these contemporaries whenever I get lonesome for literary companionship. We may all be in the same "word-collecting" canoe, paddling in unison over a silver glacier-fed lake, but "if Miss Diane Chambers of the TV sitcom ‘Cheers’ ever strutted into the Why Cheer Pool Hall and put quarters up for a game, I’d rack the balls tightly. . . " Nothing salacious here, please. Just quotes from the novel. My way of saying I like TV and playing pool. From The Des Moines Register, Sept. 4, 1994. Copyright ? 1994 by the Des Moines Register.