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moves to the wrestler. By now each wrestler has already chosen the moves that work best for him/her, and they will tend to use them more. Stress to your wrestlers that they need to now work the moves that they do not know as well, because the same move will not always work on different wrestlers. The workouts need to stay intense, and most likely will, since the time for competition is drawing nearer. In the weight room, we once again decrease our sets and reps down to three sets of ten reps. This will allow the muscles to build up more endurance and recover further from any injury. The conditioning level once again should flatten out; keeping in mind that this will be the last full week of hard practice. Week 8 This week is vital to a good performance in the first match of the

season. The warm up and stretching should stay the same, along with the drills. The live wrestling should be performed for the first two days of this week, and then reduced significantly to allow the body to restore its energy supplies before competition. The same is true with the conditioning this week. The athlete should be pushed hard for the first two days of practice, and then conditioning should also be reduced significantly about two days prior to competition. There should be extreme energy in the room this week, since competition is only days away. Watch for a good cool-down throughout the week, especially when competition is getting nearer. You should now have a group of well-trained machines ready for competition, and in better shape than they have ever been. They will

continue to enjoy training as long as there is good competition, and as long as the training changes from time to time to keep it exciting. Good luck in your season, and have fun!