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everyday, and the wrestlers should drill their moves at about 50 percent speed. Also there need to be some live wrestling incorporated into the practices this week, not too long, but enough to get the wrestlers working hard. No more than ten to fifteen minutes a day. Into the weight room, the workout should remain the same this week, still watching the athlete’s form closely. The cardiovascular work out can be alternated this week between 25-30 stairs, and 50-yard ladders. A cool down is still necessary, about 10 minutes of light activity followed by static stretching. Week 3 This week there are a few more changes that occur in the schedule. The warm-up and cool down remain constant. The drilling will continue, but introduce a few more basic moves, so the wrestlers can

incorporate them into their routine. The live wrestling should increase by about 5 minutes, watching each wrestler to make sure that he/she is understanding the moves and how they are supposed to work. This week in the weight room the sets and rep change from three sets of ten, to four sets of eight. Explain to the wrestlers that they also need to increase the weight that they are working with so that they are barely able to complete each set without help. The cardiovascular workout should also increase by adding 5 stairs to what is already there, or a couple more 50-yard shuttles. Make sure your athletes are still performing a proper cool down with light activity and stretching. Week 4 This week is pretty much a mirror image of the week before, but stress intensity in both the

live wrestling, and the lifting. A lot of times the athletes will become bored of the same activities and begin to slack in their performance. This is why some sort of game or activity should be incorporated into the conditioning and the live wrestling to keep the wrestler’s interest. Any game that will keep the heart rate up and give the athlete a cardiovascular workout while changing it up at the same time is a good activity. I personally liked ultimate frisbee to keep the fun into training. King of the mat was also a good one. At this point, keeping the wrestlers interested is key to having a good start to the upcoming season. Without competition, and the same drills over and over, even the most dedicated wrestler can become bored and quit. Also this week, add about another

5 minutes to live wrestling, introduce more technical moves, and lengthen cardiovascular workouts by about 10 minutes. Week 5 This week is another step up in the weight training portion of training, and also a good time to have the wrestlers wrestle a real match. After a good warm-up and stretch, drill, and pair the wrestlers up with someone of the same size and skill. Have them wrestle a real match (time varies with the level that you are coaching) and after that ask for any questions that might have come up. With the introduction of these real matches, the live wrestling time can be cut down by about ten minutes. In the weight room, the sets and reps move up again to five sets of six, and weight should be adjusted accordingly. The intensity of this week’s session in the

weight room should be stepped up a level also, so the athletes can get the most out of this program. Make sure that the wrestlers are still performing a good cool-down explaining that getting lazy can be costly and even causing injury. More drills should be introduced to the athletes, providing them with good knowledge of when and when not to use each move and hold. The conditioning this week can be changed also, to just about any type of activity that involves using the anaerobic system to its max and also incorporating the aerobic system too. Week 6 This week starts to specify more into fitness for the sport, rather than overall fitness. The usual warm-up and stretch followed by the drilling. Each time that a new move is introduced, the time allowed for drilling should be

increased to allow for practice of that new move. The live wrestling now becomes more of a factor in readying the athlete for competition; so more time should be spent with that also. In the weight room, we start to taper down so that the muscles can recover and begin to assist the cardiovascular system as far as endurance. The reps and sets fall this week to four sets of eight. Also the conditioning level should start to level off, not immediately, but by week eight, it should be pretty close to the same level or time everyday. Really stress again the importance of cool down and how it plays an important role in muscle recovery, injury prevention, and flexibility, which is very important in wrestling. Week 7 This week is the last week that can be used effectively to introduce