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60S Music Essay, Research Paper The 60 s music Small coffee shops a restaurants sound of a new type of music was emerging. The new artists like The Grateful Dead, The Doors, Jimi Hendrix, and Led Zepplin were making their mark on the modern rock scene. The Grateful Dead, or the Dead as they were also know, was a band that came together in the streets of San Francisco. They spent their early years playing for free in the parks around Fairfax. Along this time they were gaining popularity with the local people and began to tour around the area. They would travel from town to town with a make-shift caravan of cars and busses of groupies called the “dead head(s)” not very far behind them. The numbers of dead heads soon reached in the 10,000 s. When the Dead stopped touring

they donated their unused equipment to small named bands. After the death of Jerry Garcia the Grateful dead have never been the same, because he was one of the main driving forces behind the success. Another band around at the time was The Doors. The front man Jim Morrison was a shy person who sang with his back to the crowds, the people thought this was weird but like the music. Later Jim got drunk and turned around and the crowd went wild. From there on the band got counts of indecent exposure at shows, and almost jail time. Their drug life style was also poured in to their songs both musically and lyrically. Once on the Ed Sulivan show they were kicked out for not changing the lyrics of their songs. When singer/song writer Jim Morrison died in a bath tub due to drug

complications the life of The Doors had ended. The Jimi Hendrix Experience was making waves in Woodstock and around the world. With guitar god Jimi playing it was an unbeatable team. Jimi was hailed as the greatest guitar player of all time by his peers, also an innovator with a style all his own. When he died at Woodstock of a Heroin overdose the rest of the band parted. Led Zepplin was a band over in Europe. The members were John Bonham on drums. The charismatic front man Robert Plant on vocals. Jimmy Page was the Jimi Hendrix of the U.S on lead guitar. John-Paul Jones on base guitar. When Zepplin was signed to Atlantic records for $1,000,000 they were the only no name band to be signed for that much. Led Zepplin was hated by the news reporters but loved by the fans. Their

brand of music kept the people coming back for more. When they would play at concerts they wanted 80% of the cut, the producers were outraged but knew that 20% was 20% of a guaranteed sell-out. In later time they earned enough money to buy their own plane which they named the Star Ship. Led Zepplins were so famous their record Led Zepplin 4 is the top selling record of all time. After a long career John Bonham drank himself to death and the band was so shook up they decided to go their separate ways. About seven years after that Robert Plant and Jimmy Page hooked up to work together and have ever since. The sixties were on of the best musically expressive era s of the time. It helped many people with life. While most bands went on to brake up in the seventies there music still

has a great hold and influence on the music today. After the sixties the seventies took hold of a new generation of music called Disco took main stream and exploded, but after the rock and roll that people know is still going strong.