3Rd Pig

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3Rd Pig’s Version Essay, Research Paper Where should I begin? I guess that I will start with the construction of my house. Winter was coming soon, so my two brothers and I decided to make houses for shelter from the cold. I, being the smart one of the group, decided to make my house out of trusty brick and mortar. I knew that this winter would be a snow filled because of El Ni o and only something as strong as brick would keep me warm and safe. We started construction of our houses. It was only then that I found that my brothers, being totally ignorant of my warnings, were building their houses from weak materials. The youngest one, Stu, was making his house out of hay. The middle one, Pid, was building his out of sticks from the forest. In less than two days, I just

finished laying the foundation to my miniature NORAD and my brothers finished building their makeshift cottages and went frolicking in the forest like two little schoolgirls. I yelled and nagged at them for not spending the time and energy to make a half-decent shelter for days while my fort was coming to life. When I finally finished, I sat in front of the fire and started to read Little Red Riding Hood. The winter would not officially begin for another week, but the temperature had already started to drop dramatically. My brothers had trouble starting fires and keeping warm because their shacks could not hold out the gusts of wind. One day, a wolf appeared in the camp and started chasing my brother while they were playing. Each made it to their house unscathed. The wolf started

to beat on the hay house of Stu. The wolf got tired and took a deep breath. When he exhaled, the hay collapsed and Stu ran to Pid’s house. The wolf was to tired to give chase and Stu made it safely. When the wolf arrived at Pid’s house, he sneezed because a cold he had and the stick house imploded on Stu and Pid. Luckily, some of the sticks flew in the direction of the wolf and they distracted him long enough so that my bothers err brothers could escape to my place easily. When the wolf took one look at my house, he decided that he was too exhausted and he camped a few feet from my house. During the night, I phoned in an army buddy of mine who lived only a pond away. When Itchy the flea arrived, he camped out on the wolf and made him into his new home. The wolf was so annoyed

by his construction that he ran off home to try to get rid of him. The wolf never showed up again. He was probably snowed in because we received a foot of snow the day after. Afterward, I received a flea-a-gram from Itchy telling me that he is living in one of the wolf’s paws and the wolf has not been able to get to him. If it was not for my brick house, my brothers and I would have been eaten by the wolf. Even after the experience, my brothers still procrastinate and finished everything half-fast.