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lawmakers. ?When it comes to this, we can buy a pig in a poke with no consideration of the fiscal effect because we want to be crime-fighters,? said Rep. Marlin Schneider, D-Wisconsin Rapids. Majority of the people, support the bill and say that its costs are worth the money. ?I think that this bill is not about costs. I think this is about saving money by locking up criminals,? Rep. Tom Sykora, R-Chippewa Falls. Gov. Tommy Thompson of Wisconsin signed the bill and said that the new law will provide more peace of mind for the public and assure crime victims that assailants will not be back on the streets quickly. ?When you get 10 years in prison, you stay in prison 10 years. Not one day less,? he said. The law also requires the state to review its criminal code and determine

whether to revise penalties for crimes. One of the major is that juries in aggravated murder cases now have a fourth option to consider in sentencing, to send a convicted killer to prison for life. That choice joins the other three options in capital cases: life with 30 full years served, life with 20 full years, and death. When asked if the new life-without-parole option result in fewer death sentences, David Diroll, executive director of the criminal sentencing commission said, ?Perhaps, it?s a tough call?. While the new law lengthens prison terms, it also accents the importance of programs designed to reduce the recidivism rate. When it comes to developing new laws that potentially do so much good and obtain all their objectives, the question of funding inevitably arises. It

seems unlikely that Californians will put up with drastic reduction in governmental services, but increased taxes are decidedly unpopular. Clearly, something?s got to give. It may be the three-strike law itself. Criminal justice officials may simply not have the money to fully implement it. If that?s the case, lesser effective alternatives might need to be employed. Whatever the case may be three strikes and truth in sentencing legislation are deterrent strategies that could potentially be very successful in reducing violent crime in our communities. nine