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already knew what that meant. She wanted to fuck. I just left them and went to the dance floor by myself. Then this girl came out and started dancing. So I’m dancing to this reggae music, she’s touching my dick, she’s touching my balls, she opened my zipper, she put her hands on me. There’s a little dark part in Nell’s, and I see people over there making out already, so she starts pushing me this way. We go over in the corner. She pulled my dick out; she started sucking my dick on the dance floor. Soon as she finished that-just enough to get me solid, rock-hard-we got off the dance floor. I told Nigel, ‘I’ve got to get out of here. I’m about to take her to the hotel.’ Nigel was, like, ‘No, no, no. I’m going to take you back.’ We drive to the hotel. We go

upstairs and have sex, real quick. As soon as I came, that was it. She left me her number, and everything was cool. Nigel was spending the night in my room all these nights. When he found out she sucked my dick on the floor and we had sex, he and Trevor were livid!” Tupac said that on the 18th, “We had a show to do in New Jersey at Club 88. We went shopping, we got dressed up, we were all ready. Nigel was saying, ‘Why don’t you give her a call?’ So we were all sitting in the hotel, drinking. I’m waiting for the show, and Nigel’s, like, ‘I called her. I mean, she called me, and she’s on her way.’ We were watching TV when the phone rings, and she’s downstairs. She came upstairs looking all nice, dressed all provocative and shit. So we’re all sitting there

talking, and she’s making me uncomfortable, because instead of sitting with Nigel and them, she’s sitting on the arm of my chair. So we get in the room, I’m laying on my stomach, she’s massaging my back. I turn around. She starts massaging my front. This lasted for about a half an hour. I’m thinking she’s about to give me another blow job, but before she could do that, some niggas came in, and I froze up more than she froze up. So they came and they started touching her ass. I just got up and walked out the room. When I went to the other suite, Man Man told me that Talibah, my publicist at the time, had been there for a while and was waiting in the bedroom of that suite. I went to see Talibah and we talked about what she had been doing during the day, then I went and

laid down on the couch and went to sleep. When I woke up, Nigel was standing over me going, ‘Pac, Pac,’ and all the lights was on in both rooms. I didn’t know how much time had passed. So when I woke up, it was, like, ‘You’re going to the police, you’re going to the police.’ Nigel walks out the room, comes back with the girl. She’s not making sense. ‘I came to see you. You let them do this to me.’ I’m, like, ‘I don’t got time for this shit right here.’ She said, ‘This not the last time you’re going to hear from me,’ and slammed the door. And Nigel goes, ‘Don’t worry about it, Pac, don’t worry.’ I asked him what happened, and he was, like, ‘Too many niggas.’ Niggas start going downstairs, but nobody was coming back upstairs.” Tupac

was sitting upstairs smoking weed wondering where everyone was at. Then he got a call from Talibah from the lobby saying that the police were down there.” On the 19th, he was arrested. Police found a 20 minute videotape that shows Tupac and a woman engaged in a sex act and two guns in the hotel room. On the 20th, Tupac was freed on bond after posting $50,000 bail. Jacques Agnant’s lawyer Paul Brenner said that Jacques case be severed from Tupac and Man Man’s because they had been charged with the weapons charges. The prosecutor didn’t oppose it, which is very unusual, and the judge granted it. Indictments were handed down on sexual abuse and sodomy to Tupac, Charles, and Ricardo Brown. Tupac also got a weapons charge. Salt ‘N’ Pepa’s video “Whatta Man” premiered

on MTV, Tupac is in it. On 30st, Tupac went to Clark Atlanta University’s Epps gymnasium on Fair St. to do a concert. The promoters, students at the school, told Tupac about their rules about drug use. Tupac said, “What I want to know is, if I light this will you let them take me to jail. If they arrest me I’m a jump in this sea of niggas and they gonna have to arrest each and every one of us.” Then, on the 31st, Tupac, in his Mercedes Benz, and his crew leave and head to Midtown, Georgia where they had a hotel room for the night. At the Peidmont and Springs intersection Mark and Scott Whitwell, two off-duty police officers who had been drinking, were in a traffic-related argument. Tupac saw them harrassing a guy. Tupac got out of his car and asked what was going on. The