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came out, 2Pac is on it with, “Definition of a Thug Nigga.” Tupac said, “I thought, I really thought I made a friend, I thought, ‘I know Janet Jackson for life.’ So when the movie was over it was like, ‘Boo, this number has been changed.’ It was like a movie, I mean it was like the day after the movie wrapped.” Tupac met Snoop at a party in L.A. 2Pac did a concert at PJ’s Private Disco in Pine Bluff, Arkansas. While performing Tupac taunted gang members and got the crowd into a riot. Manuel Cal got out a pistol and fired at the stage, hitting Jacquelyn R. McNealey. The bullet damaged her spinal cord, and left her paralyzed below the chest. Tupac said, “I got to be with this 31 year old married woman. That was just too much for me. That was just weird.” On

May 25th Tupac went to the premiere of Menace II Society. Police were called after Tupac beat his Mercedes Benz with a object in the street in front of his house. Tupac said, “I paid 50 Gs for it, and it keeps giving me problems.” On June 17th, Tupac appeared on the last episode of A Different World. He played Picolo, Lena’s old boyfriend. On July 21st, Poetic Justice, directed and written by John Singleton, with Janet Jackson, and Regina King premiered. Tupac plays Lucky, a single dad and postal worker trying to get a career in music while finding love. In August Tupac went to the black music convention Jack The Rapper in Atlanta. Kevin Powell introduced himself to Tupac and Tupac gave him a pound and said, “Whats up, nigga? You my man from that MTV show. I had your

back, dog.” Tupac went to a meeting attended by Suge, Jimmy, and Wantani Tyehimba, his manager, at which Jimmy said that Tupac should work with Dre and should sign with Death Row. In the last weekend of August, 2Pac went to Chicago with 16 “L.A. gang leaders” to perform. In October Tupac moved into a split-level house in Atlanta that his manager bought him so he would have a calmer life. It has a 45-inch color TV in the living room, a basement where he planed to build a recording studio, a pool table, and a big backyard with a pool. He furnished it. They featured it in the Source. He wrote music in the bathroom. He couldn’t wash clothes so he would wear everything once and then throw it away. 2Pac went to Lake Charles, Louisiana to do a concert. There were some guys there

that started stuff with him, and took him off stage and beat him up. He got up and knocked out some guys before the bodyguards came to help. Tupac is not allowed to do a concert in Lake Charles. On the12th, TNT, Interscope, Tupac, and Out Da Gutta Records entered a contract, which provided for the assignment by TNT of it’s rights in the TNT/Interscope Agreement to Gutta, the assumption by Gutta of TNT’s obligations to Interscope under the TNT/Interscope Agreement, and the consent of Interscope to the foregoing. Tupac was a principal of Gutta, as well as being the sole performer whose services were being offered by Gutta. In the TNT/ Interscope/Tupac/Gutta Agreement, Tupac guaranteed that Gutta would fulfill all of the obligations which it was obligated to fulfill under that

agreement. D.U.’s album, The Body Hat Syndrome came out, 2Pac is on it with “Wussup Wit the Luv.” The “Wussup Wit the Love” video premiered. They filmed Above the Rim in New York City. Marlon Wayans said that they joked around alot in the trailer, and say he should cross out the T change his image to HUG LIFE. Tupac had a $750 a night 38th floor suite at the Parker Meridien in Manhattan, Michelle Fuentes came and visited him there. Tupac met Jacques Agnant (Nigel) on the set. He studied him for his part in the movie and hung out with him. Tupac met some people in New York called the Black Mafia, who finance Bad Boy, including Trevor. The Black Mafia demanded that Tupac sign on to Bad Boy, but Tupac refused. Tupac said, “I used to dress in baggies and sneakers. They

took me shopping, that’s when I bought my Rolex and all my jewels. They made me mature. They introduced me to all these gangsters in Brooklyn. I met Nigel’s family, went to his kid’s birthday party. I trusted him. I even tried to get Nigel in the movie, but he didn’t want to be on film. That bothered me. I don’t know any nigga that didn’t want to be in the movies.” Jacques introduced Tupac to William “King Tut” Johnson (Trevor), a New York felon. Tupac said that on the 14th, “Nigel and Trevor took me to Nell’s. I was meeting Ronnie Lott from the New York Jets and Derrick Coleman from the Nets.” Someone introduced Tupac to Ayanna Jackson who is friends with Jaques Agnant. “Money came to me and said, ‘This girl wants to do more than meet you.’ I