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Sausalito. Tupac and Maurice were arrested, but no one was charged. They held Tupac for 12 hours then he was released because of lack of evidence. Detectives later found a spent .380 caliber shell casing, a gun in the bushes and .380 caliber ammunition in the Jeep. Tupac called Wantani to tell him about the incident and he cried. In September Dan Quayle targeted 2Pacalypse Now in his battle with Hollywood over traditional values, and said that 2Pac’s music, has no place in our society. In December Tupac went to a Wu Wear store in Staten Island, New York he bought a sweatshirt, a watch, and a Sprite. On January 12, 1993, Above the Law’s album, Black Mafia Life came out, 2Pac is on it with, “Call It Want U Want.” Watching MTV, Tupac found out that Allen and Albert Hughes

dropped him from Menace II Society as Sharif, the Muslim. Tupac said, “They was doin’ all my videos. After I did Juice, they said, “Can we use your name to get this movie deal?” I said, “Hell yeah.” When I got with John Singleton, he told me he wanted to be Scorsese to your De Niro. For starring roles I just want you to work with me. So I told the Hughes brothers I only wanted a little role, but I didn’t tell them I wanted a sucker role. We was arguing about that in rehearsal. They said to me, “Ever since you got with John Singleton’s shit you changed.” They was trippin’ cause they got this thing with John Singleton. They feel like they competing with him.” Tupac was supposed to be in Cool Runnings. He went to Chicago to perform. Tupac talked about Quincy

Jones and his insistence on marrying and “sticking his dick” in white women. He said, “The reason my house is broken up is because of his punk ass. This year I’m charging Quincy Jones and all those other mixed family ass motherfuckers. We need one generation of niggas with niggas. How we gonna have mix families and we don’t even have black families.” Naughty By Nature’s video “Hip Hop Hooray” premiered on MTV. Tupac is in it. Tupac said he has flashbacks of the video showing Latasha Harlins being shot in the back of her head over a carton of orange juice. Tupac said, “Everytime I think about peace or can’t get we all get along that comes into my mind over and over again.” Tupac kept playing B.I.G.’s song “Party and Bullshit” at the Poetic Justice

set. Flattered, Biggie met Tupac at his house in L.A., and they became friends. Biggie was there when Tupac bought his first Rolex. Tupac went to the Black Radio Exclusive convention at a hotel. Mac Mall’s video “Ghetto Theme” premiered with Tupac and Stretch on MTV. In February Tupac hosted Yo! MTV Raps. Tupac said, “My mind is dangerous. If I didn’t smoke weed all the time, there would be nothing to stop me from running to San Quentin to try to free niggas. I got the gumption and artillery to do that.” They filmed the “Gotta Get Mine” video at Andre Rison’s house. During filming, a local video show did an interview with Tupac. On March 13th, during a break in filming a guest appearance on In Living Color, in a FOX TV studios parking lot in Hollywood, Tupac and

Charles returned to their limo. His limo driver David Deleon said that he confronted Tupac about using drugs in the limo. Tupac said that David went into the trunk for what appeared to be a weapon. Then Tupac and Charles attacked him. Cops found weed and a gun on Tupac, and he was arrested, but wasn’t charged and released on $15,000 bail. Tupac said, “I feel sorry for those gang bangers, they laid down their weapons and nobody gave a shit. They spent more time on if Clarence touched Anita’s ass or if Mike ate that bitch’s pussy, than on trying to find out what happened in L.A.” In April, M.C. Breed’s album, The New Breed came out, 2Pac is on it with, “Gotta Get Mine” and “Comin’ Real Again.” The “Gotta Get Mine” video, with Andre Rison premiered. Tupac

got seven months for the limo driver incident. Tupac went to MSU in Lansing, to do a concert. During it, he threw a mic that belonged to a local rapper on the stage, and set off a fight. He swung at him with a baseball bat. During his instigation Tupac got a 50 NIGGAZ with AK-47 tatoo on his stomach, Man Man, and another friend got one too. Tupac said that NIGGA stood for: Never Ignorant Getting Goals Accomplished. 2Pac performed “I Get Around” on MTV Jams Live 1993. They later made a video of it directed by Beth McCarthy. Tupac went to Freaknic in Atlanta. In June Tupac went to a Hoop-It-Up Tournament at Lake Merritt, Oakland with Chris Gatling and Tim Hardaway in his Mercedes Benz. He did an interview with Rudi M. for Right On! On the 29th, the Poetic Justice soundtrack