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tattoo at the Black Nation Day celebration. Tupac and MC Breed made “Gotta Get Mine” in L.A with D.O.C. Tupac came in with some girls, and then they went out. In March Tupac went to Tower Records in California and bought some albums and vinyls. Tupac did an interview with Right On! In a picture for Juice they originally had a gun in it, but later took it out. Tupac said, “It hurts me that they let a white dude, Christian Slater, stand right next to me and look in the paper, Cuffs, the movie, advertising for Cuffs, right next to Juice. He can have a gun, but the niggas can’t. I don’t like that in The Last Boy Scout, Bruce Willis get a gun and Damon Wayans gets a football. I don’t like that in Terminator 2 he gets a big, extra large, super supreme gun and he’s an

American hero.” The Governor’s single Taxin came out. 2pac is in it. In April, Tupac went to Freaknic in Atlanta. On the 10th, Tupac went to a club in West Hollywood and was one of the five people arrested and jailed on the 11th after a fight broke out on the dance floor. In Hempstead, Texas, Ronald Ray Howard shot a Texas state trooper with a 9mm. His attorney claimed that he was influenced by 2Pacalypse Now, which was in his tapedeck. The Texas state judge said that the tape shouldn’t be blamed for the shooting, but there was content in the album relating to killing cops. The State was goingg to try to ban 2Pac’s music in Texas. In exchange of keeping his music in stores, Tupac agreed to never perform in Texas again. The trooper’s widow filed a multimillion dollar

civil suit against Tupac, Interscope, and Time Warner. Tupac said, “I’m working with this female, a Sister Named Mister. She’s gonna be very strong for women. She’s gonna speaking up for women, but she’s not gonna be putting her bosy in the camera to do it. She’s not gonna be little Sister Souljah either. She’s gonna be a real black women with a mic. She’s 18, her first song is “Don’t Forget Where You Came From.” In May Tupac went to a club called Florentine Gardens on Hollywood blvd. Suge met Tupac at a recording studio. Tupac said, “I used to always see Suge. When they did the soundtrack for Murder Was The Case and I was going through all those legal problems he was like, “Yo give me a song dog.” I gave him a song and I got the most I ever got for a

song. It was damn near an album budget. I got something like $200,000 for one song and they didn’t even use it, but I still got paid for everything I did for the soundtrack. He had asked me to come to Death Row and I told him I wasn’t ready. Instead of taking it personal he did that for me and I appreciated that.” Tupac spent the money on a Mercedes 300, which he totaled in less than a day. The next day he bought another one and later gave it to a friend. Murder Was The Case came out on video. At the end they show the “Natural Born Killaz” video. Tupac made “Troublesome.” Ice Cube and Dre’s video “Natural Born Killaz” premiered on MTV, Tupac is in it and kills Dre. In July they started filming Poetic Justice, in South Central L.A., but filming was paused for

the L.A. riots. Tupac said, “I don’t know if it was Janet that it came from, but I know that they suddenly out of the blue, they wanted me to take an AIDS test for this love scene and I did not agree, I did not disagree if we were going to make love. I said, “If I could make love to Janet Jackson I’d take four AIDS tests, but, if I’m going to do a love scene with her just like somebody else did, and they didn’t take a test, I’m not taking a test.” In August Tupac performed at the Richmond Auditorium. He talked to Byron Tymes and Charles Jr. and another guy and told him to come to the festival that was coming up. On the 22nd, at a festival celebrating the 50th anniversary of Marin City, Tupac arrived in his new Jeep to perform. While he was signing autographs a

fight broke out between Tupac’s crew and Dimitrus. He said he shouldn’t be there because of what he had said about Marin City and hit him. Tupac had a .380 Colt automatic that was registered to him in his backpack that got passed around. He yelled to his half-brother through Mutulu, Maurice Harding (Mopreme) to “Get the gun.” Several shots were fired, and one killed Qu’id Walker Teal. Micheal Gibson was after him and was punching him. Tupac jumped over a fence and got in his car. He drove down the street and got out. There were like 200 mad people behind him. They totally wrecked the car with bats, bottles, and bricks. They were hitting Tupac with rocks so he went and hid under a police car until police calmed the crowd down. Then he was taken to the sub station in