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caus ehe wanted to get a new one. So Tupac kept his stuff at Gable’s apartment and said he said he would help pay rent. He went on tour with D.U. to Japan. Tupac went to Astroworld in Houston while he was on a tour with D.U. and New Kids on the Block. He performed with D.U. at the Astrodome that night. Tupac said, “On my spare time when we go on tour, I pick up all that shit I have to pick up drop that down and brush down the piano. Shock would be playing the piano. Search, or Latifah, or Kane would be rappin’ at the piano, and that’s when I would let people hear me. I always be runnin’ with a rhyme, and I kick a rhyme. And everybody start listenin’ to me, that’s how I started getting friends in the industry. And I knew people and that gave me the confidence, so I

would you know get more risky you know, write shit. And Shock was like, “You want to do “Same Song” and I was like, “Hell yeah.” So I had like 15 minutes to write my part. I just scribble the shit out, did it and people really like him.” When he came back he said he would pay Gable for all the time he kept his stuff at his apartment, but he didn’t because he said that Shock fucked him out of some money. Shock G said that he heard Tupac explaining Terms of Endearment to a girl on a tour bus. Tupac knew a lot about The Gospel at Colonus, Les Miserables, Poe, Lao-tzu, Mozart. Tupac said, “Look how he busts it up with Macbeth,” congratulating the bard for “some serious ghetto shit.” His first time performing, something went wrong with the sound system and Atron

had to restrain him from hitting one of the equipment men. Tupac performed with D.U. at a Martin Luther King Jr. festival. After it someone put a 12 guage in his face over a argument over a girl. He got his first tatoo, 2Pac, on the left side of his chest. Tupac got his own apartment with all the D.U. members in Oakland. In 1990, he turned his management over to Atron and had recorded more than enough songs for a album, he just had to get it released. Tupac met Treach on a Public Enemy tour where they were roadies. Sleuth, his road manager suggested that he go with Money B when he auditioned for the lead in Juice. They got there and Money B couldn’t do it. Tupac said, “I saw everyone else reading and they thought I was Treach from Naughty By Nature and they was like, “Yeah,

yeah, Treach we want you to read.” I was like “My name’s Tupac.” They was just like, “Whatever just read.” Tupac said, “I auditioned like 20 times they kept flying me back” He said, “I can do this shit,” and producer Neil Moritz cast him for it. Tupac said, “I went in cold turkey, read, God was with me.” Jimmy Iovine and Theodore (Ted) Fields started the label Interscope Records as a joint venture with Time Warner. Tupac was on Arsenio Hall on FOX. He performed “Pain” and “I Get Around.” In On January 22nd, 1991 D.U.’s EP, This Is An EP Release came out, 2Pac is on it with, “Same Song.” The “Same Song” video premiered. Tupac went to a photo shoot with D.U. Afeni went to a rehab clinic, but Tupac still didn’t forgive her. He said that

she had lied to him about drugs, and hadn’t been “real” about the hold they had on her. They filmed Juice in Harlem and he was paid $15,000 for it. He met Ed Lover on the set, and they became friends. A kid stole something from his trailer. Tupac said, “I was like, ok, I’ll take justice into my own hands. And I got some of my niggas, and we went and found the little nigger who stole from me and beat his ass. Because I’m a true nigga, not a fake film nigga. And you cannot rob from me.” Nothing but Trouble, directed by Dan Aykroyd, with Chevy Chase, Dan Aykroyd, John Candy, and Demi Moore premiered. Tupac plays a rapper in D.U. They play “Same Song.” On March 15th, Tupac entered into a written recording agreement with TNT Records which had Tupac record a number of

albums in exchange for specified advances and royalties. In July 2Pac performed at Hot97’s Summer Jam at Giants Stadium in E. Rutherford, New Jersey. Atron was making a deal with Interscope Records. Tom Whalley, president of Interscope brought in one of 2Pac’s demo tapes to Ted, and he gave it to his daughter, she told her dad how much she liked it. That tape sealed the deal, and on August 15th, Tom signed 2Pac to Interscope. They signed a contract with TNT, which had TNT furnish Interscope with a certain number of 2Pac albums in exchange for certain specified advances and royalties from Interscope. Tupac wrote a song called “Brenda’s Got A Baby” after reading a newspaper article about a 12 year old girl who became pregnant by her cousin and threw her baby down an