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used to keep it a secret. I was really a nerd.” Tupac became friends with T.A.C. and Anthony. Dimitrius introduced Tupac to Ryan D. who was with Terry Agust at a bus stop. They had a rap battle and Tupac did, “Girls Be Tryin’ To Work a Nigga.” The bus came and they called it a tie. They were both going the same way and they became the One Nation Emcees. Dimitrius’ dad had just gone to jail so they all moved in to his house. Terry told Tupac to do the dishes by the time he got home. Tupac and drank and played nintendo all day, and he spilt a jug of something all over and didn’t clean it up. Terry came home with his girlfriend and they got in a fight. Tupac went to hit Terry with his right hand and he missed and hit the washing machine. Then Terry beat him up. He never

went to a doctor and it didn’t heal right. They put a tour together and went to L.A. to do a show for the New Afrikan Panthers. They didn’t know how long it would take to get there, so they kept having to call them from pay phones telling them that they would be late. They finally got there six hours late, but they still did the show. The performed “Panther Power,” “One Nation Emcees,” and “Fantasy.” The Panthers had a whole agenda for them for that night and the next day and one of the thing they had was a Self Defense training class. Tupac learned a move where when you get knocked down you can lay on your back and kick the person and they can’t get to you. When the instructor called on Tupac to fight someone before the guy even hit him he got down on the

ground. He made “I Thought U Knew” and “Leave Us Kids Alone,” his first professional recordings. In September, Mutulu was sentenced to 60 years in prison for conspiring to commit armed robbery and murder. Tupac wrote “Tha’ Lunatic.” One of his friends, Molly Monjouze said she’d go with him for a hamburger and coke and he’d start writing songs on a napkin. Tupac said he was “in the same things everyday, holes in my jeans the fucked up sneakers.” 2Pac performed at the Apollo Theater in New York. One night in Marin City, Tupac, Ryan D., Troy, Gable and some other guys were drinking in Troy’s cousin’s Jetta. They started talking about girls and Troy said he messed around with one of Tupac’s girls. Troy wanted Tupac to get out of the car so they could

fight, but Tupac wouldn’t. They started fighting and Troy got him out of the car. Tupac bit him and he bit him back. Then Tupac did his move he learned. Jerry Aquak had Ice and Tupac watch his girlfriend while he went to take of some business. They both did his girl, put back on their clothes, and Jerry never knew. In 1989, Tupac started selling drugs, and dropped out school just before graduation. Tupac went to the Travelodge hotel in Mill Valley on Redwood Hwy. with Brewster, Marku, and some other guys. Some guy wanted to leave and Tupac started beating him up. The guy went to his car and Tupac hit his window. The police came and put Tupac in one car and Marku in another car to find out who they were, but since the guy left they let them go. They went back to Marin City and

Tupac was still mad. He took a flowerpot and through it through the back window of his of his apartment. Tupac got his GED. Watani invited him to L.A. where he was organizing youth programs in the South Central ghetto. He joined one for several months, but Wantani reminded him too much of Afeni’s politicalness and moved back. At a park, Tupac overheard Leila Steinberg reading Winnie Mandela’s A Part of My Soul Went With Him. He said, “That’s a good one. It really moves well.” They talked for a while and Leila offered him a room in her Sonoma County house, and Tupac made her the manager of his group, Strictly Dope (2Pac, Ray Luv, and one of D.U.’s DJs). He joined The Poetry Circle in Santa Rosa, California, which was a writer’s circle that included Leila and Ray Luv.

He wrote In the Event of My Demise, And 2Marrow, The Rose That Grew From Concrete, In Depth of Solitude, Ambition Over Adversary, Can You See the Pride In the Panther, and Something 2 Die 4. He also wrote a tribute to van Gogh, Starry Night and one to Marilyn Monroe. Tupac and Leila toured inner-city schools and Tupac rapped for eight months without a gig. One night when Leila and Tupac were eating his specialty, potato tacos, Tupac said, “Just tell people what I always tell you: that I’m gonna sell more records than any rapper ever.” The next day Leila called Atron Gregory, the manager of D.U. He introduced him to Shock G, who gave him a live audition and invited him on tour. He didn’t have any place to keep his clothes and stuff because Shock moved out of his apartment