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of the Lord Pentecostal Church in Brooklyn. In 1986, Legs was sent to prison for credit-card fraud. In September, Tupac joined a Harlem theater group called 127th Street Ensemble, where he did his first performance, as Travis, in A Raisin in the Sun, at the Apollo theater to raise money so Jesse Jackson could run for president. Tupac said, “Right now I can remember the bug biting me right there. I lay on a couch and played sleep for the first scene. Then I woke up and I was the only person onstage. I can remember thinking, “This is the best shit in the world!” That got me real high.” They moved to Baltimore, where Afeni would have a job. When she called Legs to let him know where she was, she found out he had died of a crack-induced heart attack. Tupac said, “I

couldn’t even cry, man. I felt I needed a daddy to show me the ropes, and I didn’t have one.” Tupac said, “We didn’t have any lights. I used to sit outside by the streetlights and read the autobiography of Malcolm X. And it made it so real to me that I didn’t have any lights at home and I was sitting outside on the benches reading this book. And then of course my mother had books by people like Patrice Lumumba and Stokely Carmicheal, Seize the Time by Bobby Seale, and Soledad Brother by George Jackson. And she would tell me these stories of things that she did or she saw or she was involved with and it made me feel a part of something.” Tupac auditioned and was accepted to the Baltimore High School of the Performing Arts. Tupac said, “The white kids had things we

never seen. That was the first time I saw there was white people who you could get along with. Before that, I just believed what everybody else said, “They was devils,” but I loved it. I loved going to school. It taught me a lot. I was starting to feel like I really wanted to be an artist. I was fucking white girls. I learned ballet, poetry, jazz, music, everything, Shakespear, acting, everything as well as academics.” He was the mouse king in The Nutcracker and Othello in Othello. He read The Prince by Nicolo Machiavelli. Machiavelli was an Italian war strategist who advocated faking his own death to fool his enemies. Lumumba was found dead in Louisiana, just days before Mutulu was arrested for the ‘81 Brinks robbery, in which two Nyack, New York policemen and a Brinks

guard were killed. He became friends with Jada Pinkett. At school they made a video of themselves lip singing to to Will Smith’s “Parents Don’t Understand.” He started rapping, and became known as MC New York. He wrote his first song, “Breakin’ Through.” 2Pac started performing at benefits for Geronimo and other prisoneers. Tupac stayed at a rich classmate’s house and wore his clothes, but he went back. In 1987, Tupac and Jada taped a video of themselves at Paramount’s Kings Dominion amusement park in Richmond, Virginia. Tupac’s family could never pay the rent of their apartment. When he first learned how to drive he had a green Celica. He went out with some friends and Ricky Coleman came up to him and asked why he was claiming Oakland. Tupac wrote the poem, I

Cry and a eulogy to Huey P Newton, Fallen Star which he recited. In 1988 a boy was killed in a gang shooting, so in June Afeni sent Tupac and Sekyiwa on a bus to spend the summer with Geronimo’s wife, Linda in Marin City, California. Tupac and Charles Fuller (Man Man) went to the rec and played basketball. He shot bricks and airballs. He met Brewster at the rec. Tupac bagged groceries and worked odd jobs. Then Linda called Afeni and told her she needed to come to California because she was going to alcohol rehab the next day. Tupac and Sewyika lived with Afeni in door 1 at an apartment called the 89 building, but got into a series of arguments, so he moved out. Tupac met Marku Reynolds who introduced him to his cousin Klark Gable and Darron Page. Dimitrius Striplin and Gable

were like the two DJ’s in town and they all got together and became TC (The Crew). They spent time rapping and at the studio together. They did “Lifstyles of the Poor and Homie,” “Let’s Get It On,” and “Get Some For Girls.” Their theme song was “Thug Life.” He lived with Man Man because Sewyika was dating his brother. He went to school at Mt. Tamalpais High on Miller Ave. in Mill Valley, California. He worked at a pizza parlor. Tupac said, “I didn’t fit in. I was the outsider. I dressed like a hippie, they teased me all the time. I couldn’t play basketball. I didn’t know who basketball players were. I was the target for the street gangs. They used to jump me things like that. I thought I was weird because I was writing the poetry and I hated myself, I