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“Y’all looking for me? Here I am.” On the 18th, Eddie F. And The Untouchables: Let’s Get It On The Album came out, 2Pac is on it with, “Let’s Get It On.” On the 20th, Thug Life’s album Volume I, came out. The idea was that the album would let gang members become musicians. There were to be several volumes of it, with a new group of gang member rappers each time. Tupac said, “I’m not talking about givin’ mutherfuckers summer jobs. I’m talking about doing something real, life careers. I got these groups I took right off the streets. These niggas handlin’ they buisness, now they got a deal. That’s a life career. If I die, these niggas got a contract that’s real. I’m helpin’ mutherfuckers that help themselves.” In “Bury Me,” 2Pac says, “Bury

me a G.” In “How Long Will They Mourn Me?,” he says, “This for my nigga Kato.” Tyruss Himes (Syke) said that Kato was like his big brother and he was killed for his car that had $2,500 Dayton rims. 2Pac also says, “How long will they mourn me?/Bury me a muthafuckin’ G. In “Under Pressure,” 2Pac says right before I die I’ll be cursing tha law/reincarnated bitch even worse than before/My four-four’s givin’ payback/My underhanded plan to get them niggas while they laid back.” The “Pour Out a Little Liquor” video premiered. The “Cradle To the Grave” video premiered. Volume II My Life was supposed to come out but it was rejected by Interscope. Tupac got the script for Bullet. He read it in two hours. He went to the place for the audition and he got

the part. He loved to read. He like Marvin Gaye’s autobiography. He and Keisha went to see Les Miserables. Tupac loved it. He explained it to Keisha, but they had to go because they were hungry. Tupac did an ad with Thug Life for Karl Kani. Tupac was doing Bullet, and Keisha was going to be off a couple days of work from school and work. Tupac wanted his BMW 850 so Keisha said she would fly down and get it. One day she got home from work and she was walking Player. Somehow he ran out in the street and got hit by a car. Tupac said that she tried to kill her dog. He said, “I can get you another dog. Go get my car.” She said no. He said, “Take the dog to the hospital, get him checked out. I’ll be here. And remember, you have to go get the car tonight.” She took Player to

the hospital and they said it was going to cost like $1,000. Tupac said, “Oh, hell no. I’ll buy you another one. He’s not going to be the same anyways.” Player was fine, and Keisha rushed home to pack and catch a flight out. She gots to Atlanta and the plates weren’t on the car yet. They were trying to get the paperwork and everything together. She left at about 1 to drive i back up to New York. She was real tired so she pulled over to sleep. Then she started driving again. She was still tired and she drove into the grass dividing the highway in Anderson, South Carolina. The airbag came out and messed up her face. She got back on the highway and she got help. The cops told her she’d totaled it. She called Tupac and told him she had crashed the car. He said, “Stop

crying. Stop being a punk. I should be crying not you. Calm down. I’m gonna call a travel agent and get you a flight home.” She said that she could have been killed. He said, “You were in a $90,000 car. You weren’t gonna be killed.” She said he didn’t care about her. He said, “No, I know you’re fine. The car is gone.” She said that insurance would pay for it. He said, “You don’t know that yet.” When she got to New York, and Tupac saw her he said, “You’re lucky to have something physically wrong with you. Give me a kiss.” He kissed he and said, “You’re ugly. You look like Jimmy Walker.” He told everyone, “You have to see her face.” Two juror’s for for Tupac’s sex assault trial said that they didn’t like him during jury selection. On

the 31st Tupac was sentenced by Circuit Judge Lawrence Glazer to 30 days in the Ingham County Jail and 35 hours of community service. On November 6th, Tupac went to Club Expo in New York City with Mickey Rourke and AJ Benza. Carre Otis bought him a beer. He talked to a reporter and he said that Jacques Agnant set him up in the rape case. On the 7th, the trial was supposed to start, but the two jurors that didn’t like Tupac were dismissed. The remarks were brought to the lawyers’ attention by a prospective juror who overheard them. The need to select two new jurors delayed opening arguments and testimony. Jacques Agnant read about what Tupac had said about the rape case in the Daily News. Keisha would wake him up every morning which was hard because he wanted to sleep. The