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had, and they ran out. She missed her flight. She stayed a day later, and they went to Six Flags. They would run through the park trying to get to rides. Tupac loved to ride roller coasters. They had a good time, but it started to rain so they had to leave. Then she flew home. He said that he was going to New York to see her next. He went on tour. In August he did a show in Hawaii. When he came back he called Keisha everyday, five times. He sent her a dozen roses one day while she was at work. When she got home she paged him. He called back and she told him she got the roses. He called her and told her he bought her something. He said he wrote her a poem and to guess what the present was. It was about time. She didn’t get it and said for him not to tell her what it was. He

said, “I can’t help it. It’s a watch.” When he came back he gave her the poem. He bought her a card and gave her the watch. They had matching ones from Gucci. On September 3rd, 2Pac went to the MECCA Arena on West Kilbourn Ave. in Milwaukee to do a concert with Boss, Big Mike, Xscape, Spice 1, and MC Eight. During his first song, “Bury Me a G,” his mic started fading in and out. While Thug Life was doing their part, 2Pac was trying to get his mic to work. Half way through his second song he stopped for a moment of silence” for a girl killed in Chicago by a boy who later killed himself. Tupac said, “You better stop killing those babies, or I’ll murder you myself.” The audience started throwing coins at him. He said, “I don’t know who the fuck you think I

am. You motherfuckers better quit throwing shit at me.” Then he offered a $200 reward for anyone who bring an offender on stage, and said, “He will get you paid, but he will die tonight. You all can flash them gang signs, if you want, but I’ll kill all you motherfuckers.” Tupac grabbed the mic stand like a sword. He said that he would continue his show for the “real Gs.” A member of Thug Life pulled a gun and shots were fired. Later police had to kick in 2Pac’s dressing room door. They made everyone kneel with thier hands behind their head as they searched the rooms. They found two semi-automatic weapons that no one admitted to knowing about. Tupac went to California to the studio to do work on Me Against the World. He made “I Thought You Knew,” which was

supposed to be on Me Against the World. It was released on on a limited basis to DJs on an Interscope sampler with “Straight Ballin,” “Out On Bail,” and “Are You Still Down.” The “Whatta Man” video won Best Dance Video, Best R&B Video, and Best Choreography in a Video at the MTV Video Music Awards at Radio City Music Hall. On the 7th two people from Milwaukee murdered Officer William Robertson and said that “Souljah’s Story” was their inspiration. Tupac went to Marcus Garvey School in South Central L.A. to explain thug life to teachers and administrators. Tupac went shopping on Sunset Blvd. Tupac went to the the West Coast benefit premiere of Jason’s Lyric at the Mann National in Westwood. Then he went to a party at the House of Blues for it. Tupac

came back and got Keisha a blonde Cockerspaniel named Player. He called Keisha and said, “I bought you a dog.” She said that she didn’t like dogs and he said, “No, you’re going to like this one. He’s the cutest thing. He went to her house in New York. One time Keisha was at work and she wasn’t expecting him. She came home and he was signing autographs in front of her building. He said, “People went home to get their CD’s and tapes. That’s how long I’ve been here.” So they went upstairs and he said, “I have to have the keys.” He came and visited her a lot. One day Tupac said, “Keish, do you see anything new on my finger?” She asked if he got a manicure. He said, “No, I have new jewelry. Do you see my ring?” He gave what he bought for her to the

dog. It was a velvet pouch with a box in it. She got it from Player and it was a big 42 diamond, platinum ring. He said, “I’m giving it to you now. Maybe we’ll get married around your birthday.” On the 15th Tupac pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor assault charge for a lesser sentence in Ingham County Circuit Court in Lansing. Tupac had saved up and bought a new BMW 850. In October Tupac went to Wherehouse a music store in L.A. On the 7th, in Atlanta, Fulton County DA Louis Slaton dropped the aggravated assault charges filed against Tupac from the Whitwells incident. Tupac went to The Comedy Store on Sunset Blvd., in West Hollywood. There was a fight between Treach and some members of the Rolling Sixties. Tupac put on his vest and his guns and went to their place. He said,