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from forces that are far beyond the control of any mortal, he knows that these other beings are far superior to humans. With his experiences, the enlightened Bowman returns to earth realizing that society dwindling. Using Bowman as a hero that faces dilemmas to reach the target moment, Stanley Kubrick uses 2001: A Space Odyssey as a new myth to replace the old myths about space. This redefined what people thought about space. This myth has carried over into the 20th century, and still will proceed into the 21st century. It shows how new myths can replace old myths and shatter the very foundation the human mentality. For when an archaic belief is suddenly replaced with a new one, it is often a reaction to wonder why the old one was wrong. This often leads to further exploration

and discovery in that area. As discovery progresses, the myths change concurrently. This also exemplifies how important myths are to a culture or race of beings. Without myths, there would be no efficient way of communicating the beliefs and philosophies of the time.