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like Bush s plan for the elimination of the estate tax and his other plans for the future of agriculture. Montana belongs to Bush. Three electoral votes for Bush. NEBRASKA Bush will take Nebraska. With a large number of farming acres and big money mines and steel mills, its citizens have a lot to gain from Bush s ideas. This would explain the wide gap between Bush s 51% and Gore s 31%. With this wide margin, it will be hard, if not impossible, for Gore to gain the majority. Five electoral votes for Bush. NEVADA In a strong Republican state, Bush carries the lead with 49% to 37%. Nevada has shown a history of voting Republican and a large number of its citizens consider themselves conservative. Even in this fairly close race, Bush is most likely to prevail. Four electoral votes

for Bush. NEW HAMPSHIRE It would be expected that Bush be victorious in New Hampshire. He currently is leading Gore 46 to 38%. New Hampshire has shown in its past to vote moderately conservative. A solid number of its citizens call themselves Republican. Despite closeness of this race, it would be safe to assume Bush as the winner of New Hampshire. Four electoral votes for Bush. NEW JERSEY Gore currently leads Bush here by 45 to 39%. New Jersey had demonstrated in its past to be a very moderate state. Since Gore s approval rating it substantially higher than his disapproval rating, and since more people disapprove of Bush than approve, Gore should win this state. Fifteen electoral votes for Gore. NEW MEXICO Despite the narrow margin, Bush will probably beat Gore in New Mexico.

New Mexico has in the past shown itself to be almost moderate in its voting style. However, almost half of its voters would consider themselves conservative. Even in this close race, Bush should triumph. Five electoral votes for Bush. NEW YORK Gore is leading New York with a strong margin of 50 to 36%. It would take nothing short of a miracle to save Bush in this election. New York has been a strong Democratic state for some time. Not only does Bush have very few votes, he also has a very strong disapproval rating in this state. Gore will be victorious. Thirty-three electoral votes for Gore. NORTH CAROLINA In this strong Republican state, Governor Bush carries the lead with 50% to Gore s 40%. North Carolina has demonstrated a strong history of Republican votes, and many of its

citizens consider themselves Republican. In North Carolina, Bush should take home the votes. Fourteen electoral votes for Bush. NORTH DAKOTA In this rural state where well over half of its people considered themselves Republicans, Bush leads with 49% to Gore s 34%. North Dakota has demonstrated a large number of Conservative votes in the past. Bush should have no trouble taking this state. Three electoral votes for Bush. OHIO Another reliable win for Bush. He is currently leading Al Gore with 48% of the vote to Gore s 39%. In this state, over half of the people consider themselves Conservative. With a mild Republican voting history, Bush should be able to take this state. Twenty-one electoral votes for Bush. OKLAHOMA Oklahoma is a very strong Republican state in which Bush

carries the lead with 52% to Gore s 34%. Some 64% of its people call themselves conservatives, and historically Oklahoma has voted very conservatively. Therefore, this should be an easy solid win for Bush. Eight electoral votes for Bush. OREGON Bush currently leads the Oregon race with 43% to Gore s 38%. Since this is such a narrow margin, and since Oregon has previously picked Democratic candidates, Gore could probable win this state with some campaigning. However, that should not be expected to happen as there are only seven electoral votes in this state. At this moment, Bush will be the victor. Seven electoral votes for Bush. PENNSYLVANIA In a state previously known for liberal choices, Bush is ironically leading with 47% to Gore s 43%. Since this is such a close race and

there are so many votes up for grabs, it would not be unexpected to see Gore come take this state. However, Bush will probably maintain his majority. Twenty-three electoral votes for Bush. RHODE ISLAND In this largely Liberal state, Gore should have no trouble accomplishing a win. He currently leading Bush 49% to 30%. With a strong past of liberal votes, this state holds strongly to Gore s ideas and beliefs. This state should be a relatively simple victory for Gore. Four electoral votes for Gore. SOUTH CAROLINA In South Carolina, Bush will easily take the winner s seat. Currently his 51% is beating Vice President Gore s 35%. In this state of strong Republican decisions and strong Republican people, there is little room to doubt the outcome. South Carolina belongs to Bush. Eight