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number one thing they have to benefit from Bush s election would be the elimination of the estate tax. Bush will definitely win this state. Four electoral votes for Bush. ILLINOIS Illinois is a tough state to judge. Illinois has demonstrated a mild history for voting Democratic. However, a large majority of the voters consider themselves Conservatives. Currently Gores carries a four point lead over Bush. In a state with a large and diverse city as Chicago, more Democratic votes would be expected. Gore will likely win this race. Twenty-two electoral votes for Gore. INDIANA Indiana should be a solid win for Bush. This state has a reputation for voting more conservatively than most. With such a wide gap between the candidates percentages (52 to 32), it would take severe measures to

reverse the outcome of this race. Triumph for Bush. Twelve electoral votes for Bush. IOWA Bush should take home the Iowa victory. However, this is a very close race (46% to 42%). In a state largely based on agriculture, its citizens stand to benefit most from Bush s policies (especially his tax policy). Even with such a narrow margin, Bush will be the most likely choice in Iowa. Seven electoral votes for Bush. KANSAS Bush carries Kansas with a vote of 51% to Gore s 32%. Kansas has a strong history of voting Republican, and most voters consider themselves Conservatives. Without a doubt, Bush will win this state. Six electoral votes for Bush. KENTUCKY In the state of Kentucky, Bush should have no trouble winning. He carries a solid majority (48% to 39%). Kentucky carries a slightly

conservative voting record, and more than half of its citizens would call themselves Republicans. It should not be a challenge for Bush to win this state. Eight electoral votes for Bush. LOUISIANA Bush is leading the state of Louisiana by a very small margin. He has 48% to the Vice President s 41%. Louisiana has demonstrated the pattern of voting very close to the middle of the road. However, 64% of its people considered themselves largely conservative. Although it is such a close race, Bush should not have much trouble taking Louisiana. Nine electoral votes for Bush. MAINE In Maine there is another very close race with Bush leading Gore 43% to 39%. Like many other states, Maine has shown a history of voting slightly liberal, while most citizens consider themselves Conservatives.

There is a chance that Gore take the lead, but Bush will probably take this state. Four electoral votes for Bush. MARYLAND This state will be a win for Gore. He is currently carrying a 47% majority. In Maryland Bush s disapproval rating is actually higher that his approval rating. This state has shown a mild history for voting for Democratic candidates, so Gore should win. Ten electoral votes for Gore. MASSACHUSETTS This state is an easy victory for Gore. He leads 49% to Bush s 28%. The state has shown a strong style of voting for the Democratic candidate. And, most of the people show a strong dislike for Bush. Leading with such a large gap, it is extremely unlikely that Bush will gain the majority. Twelve electoral votes for Gore. MICHIGAN Michigan is a toss up. It is so close

(Bush 45%, Gore 44%) that anything could happen before Tuesday. Some campaigning in this state could easily turn these eighteen electoral votes around. However, most of the campaigning will probably occur in California where there are many more votes up for grabs. For the moment, Bush is the most likely winner in Michigan. Eighteen electoral votes for Bush. MINNESOTA With the race running neck and neck, a definitive winning candidate is hard to choose. The most recent poll shows the two candidates tied perfectly with 38% each. History has shown Minnesota to have a relatively strong Democratic voting record. Therefore, it would not be unwise to say that Gore will get most of the 22% undecided votes. Ten electoral votes for Gore. MISSISSIPPI Mississippi is a very strong Republican

state. Bush is currently leading the Vice President 48% to 39%. A very large percentage of its citizens consider themselves Conservative and Mississippi has demonstrated a long history of voting Republican. The winner in this state will be Bush. Seven electoral votes for Bush. MISSOURI In Missouri, although it is a tight race, Bush carries the lead 47% to Gore s 42%. Even though Missouri has demonstrated a shallow Democratic voting style, most people of this state view themselves as Conservatives. Bush should win Missouri. Eleven electoral votes for Bush. MONTANA Bush is expected to win Montana. A large number of people in this state consider themselves to be Republican, and Montana has a strong reputation for voting conservatively. With a lot of farmers in Montana, people will