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2000 Presidential Race Essay, Research Paper Jason Bankston November 6, 2000 Government Research Project ALABAMA Recent polls show Bush as leading by 46% with Gore at 38%. Alabama has a strong Republican voting history. Sixty percent of Alabamans view themselves as conservatives. Alabama has few large cities that attract minorities and other groups that would vote Democratic. Bush has a solid win in this state. Nine electoral votes for Bush. ALASKA In Alaska, Bush leads with a 52% margin to Gore s 28%. Like Alabama, Alaska has few large cities that attract Democratic votes. What Alaska does have, however, are oil fields which attract big money and Republican votes. Forty-eight percent of Alaskans show an unfavorable opinion toward Al Gore. Bush has a solid victory in Alaska.

Three electoral votes for Bush. ARKANSAS Bush leads with a narrow margin of 47% to Gore s 45%. However, Arkansas has a slight Democratic voting history. Since it is by such a narrow margin, there is a chance that Gore could regain the lead before Tuesday. But for the moment, Bush is the likely victor. Six electoral votes for Bush. ARIZONA With Bush leading the race with 49% to Gore s 37%. Bush is the likely winner in Arizona. Arizona has a marginal Republican voting history. The margin between favorable and unfavorable opinions for Gore (only 4%) is relatively small. While Bush s margin is much larger (15%). In a state with 53% of the people consider themselves conservatives, Bush will likely take the state. Eight electoral votes for Bush. CALIFORNIA Gore currently leads

California 44% to 41%. In a state with two very large cities, California will generate a large number of Democratic votes. Also, many people in the state are concerned with the environment and will go towards Gore s environmental policy. This is a very tight race. Gore will mostly likely win this state. Fifty-four electoral votes for Bush. COLORADO Most polls show Bush as the leader of Colorado with 49% to Gore s 33%. In a state where 56% of the likely voters consider themselves Republicans, the Texas Governor will likely win. Eight electoral votes for Bush. CONNECTICUT In a state where more people are adamantly anti-Bush, Gore will likely take the victory with 46% of the vote. This small, but densely populated area, would tend to attract more Democratically oriented votes. In

this race, Gore will probably triumph. Eight electoral votes for Gore. DELAWARE This is another very close race. Gore leads with 44% to Bush s 43%. Delaware has also shown a very subtle history of voting Democratic. Fewer people show a negative opinion of Gore, than do those that have negative opinions of Bush. Although it is a very close race, Gore will be the likely winner. Three electoral votes for Gore. FLORIDA In Florida, Bush leads by a very narrow margin. He holds 47% over Gore s 45%. Since it is such a close race, it is important to look at the state s voting history. The Orange State has shown a moderately strong history of voting Republican. With the numbers being so close, it is hard to accurately judge the likely winner, however, Bush will probably win this state.

Twenty-five electoral votes for Bush. GEORGIA In a state made up of 55% Conservatives, Bush is carrying the lead with 50% to Gore s 40%. Georgia has shown a history of voting moderately conservative. Georgia s population is made up of a large number of rural farming people. They will be more tempted to go for Bush s tax plan (especially the abomination of the death tax). Bush has a solid win in Georgia. Thirteen electoral votes for Bush. HAWAII Hawaii will be a solid Gore victory. Gore leads with 52% to Bush s 32%. Four electoral votes for Gore. IDAHO Idaho will be a landslide victory for Bush. He carries 62% to Gore s 24%. Idaho has a history of voting solidly Republican. In this state largely made up of farmers, its citizens will agree more so with Bush s Republican ideals. The