2000 North Carolina Gubernatorial Election Essay Research

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2000 North Carolina Gubernatorial Election Essay, Research Paper The election for governor of North Carolina proved to be tightly contested race; with Richard Vinroot the republican candidate gaining support in the weeks immediately prior to the election. Mike Easley had an early advantage, being the democratic incumbent. Easley was the better-known and better-financed candidate, which helped him to an early advantage. However, during the final weeks of the campaign the advantage swung to Vinroot as undecided voters were swept up in a republican surge lead by the momentum gained by presidential candidate Bush. With the gubernatorial race growing ever closer, the candidate s stance on issues began to stand out as the determining factor for many voters. Thus, Democrat Mike

Easley was able to gain an advantage not because of party affiliation, but the due to his stance on important issues, one important issue being education. So how did the numbers stake up? Well the final elections showed Mike Easley receiving 1,492,170 votes or 52 percent of the vote; Richard Vinroot received 1,335,862 votes or 47 percent of the vote; the rest of the vote being split between the Libertarian and Reform candidates . The 2000 North Carolina gubernatorial election was closely contested and would be decided not mainly according party affiliation, but by the candidate s stance on major issues. The Democratic candidate for governor Mike Easley has a strong background, which brought him public favor and votes. Michael F. Easley is 50 years old, was born in Nash County,

received a degree in Political Science from the University of North Carolina, and gained a law degree from North Carolina Central University. Easley served as a District Attorney, which gained him a reputation due to his prosecution of drug traffickers. Easley was elected the Attorney General of North Carolina in 1992. He was re-elected in 1996 by a large margin receiving 60 percent on the vote. While he was Attorney General, Easley gained a strong reputation, Easley sought to reduce violent crimes by pushing for a new sentencing structure and removal of the prison cap. Easley was fairly successful, Since he took office in 1993, the rate of violent crime in North Carolina has fallen by more than 15%. Easley also gained a strong reputation due to his efforts of attacking consumer

fraud, creating a Citizen s Rights Division, and increasing the environmental section with the creation of an Environmental Crimes Task Force. As Attorney General, Easley also contributed to the national tobacco settlement, and Brought nearly $5 billion in revenue to North Carolina to protect farmers, communities and the public health.2 Mike Easley s stance on important issues played an important role in the election. One important issue, which Easley highlighted, was his plan for patient s rights. His plan includes patient privacy and a system that would provide prescription drugs for the elderly. While campaigning Easley outlined his plan for patient s rights, however he made it apparent that his major concern was his No Excuses approach to education. The main points in Easley

s plan are smaller class sizes, and a pre-kindergarten program. The staple of Easley s plan is not to raise taxes, with financing coming from a state lottery. Easley s focuses on three aspects in his education plan; character education, alternative schools, and dress codes. Easley s education plan states, In order to enhance academic performance and safety in our public schools, we must nurture the personal character of young people while demanding that all students be disciplined and appropriately attired. Candidate Mike Easley brought his strong reputation, and stance on important issues to the gubernatorial campaign in order to gain popular support. Richard Vinroot the Republican candidate for governor also brought his strong reputation and background to the campaign trail.