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2000 Election Essay, Research Paper The two main candidates for the election of 2000 are George W. Bush and Al Gore. Al Gore, of course, being the current Vice President. I have never been into the whole politics game. But, know that I am 18 years old I feel I should start paying more attention to political issues. I don’t know if I am going to vote this year, and if I did I don’t know who I would vote for. I really don’t know much about either canditate. All I know is that Gore is Vice President to Clinton, and we all know how most people feel about Clinton. In order for me to make a judgment on who I am going to vote for I would like to know where each canditate satnds on different political issues. Some of the issues I will be covering are abortion, crime, drugs,

education, environment, and gun control. These are the issues I am most interested in, and I would like a president who agrees with me on a good portion of these issues. To start off, I am going to state where I stand on each of the isssues. I then will sate where each presidential canditate stands on each issue. The first topic I would like to discuss is abortion. Abortion is kind of a big thing to me. I am one of those who is against abortion. I feel abortion is kind of like murder. I know it is easy for me to say that abortion is wrong, because I have never gotten a girl pregnant before. I understand that some tees make mistakes and want to correct those mistakes. But, I feel more people should stand up for their mistakes and take some action. Instead of having the baby

aborted, the parents should put the child up for adoption. What if that kid was going to come up with a cure for cancer? I bet the parents would not want o abort the child then. Abortion is one area I agree with Bush. Bush wants to cut down the amount of abortions given out the whole year. Bush also wants to turn the choice of having abortions over to the state. Gore, on the other hand, wants to leave the choice in the woman’s hand. He feels it is up to her to decide whether or not to have an abortion. Gore also wants medicare to pay for abortions. I feel that it is totally wrong for the government to support the murder of an unborn child. I have to say that I am a little disappointed that neither canditate is taking a direct stand against abortion. Although I agree with Bush

more than Gore I feel both candidates are trying to steer around the abortion topic. The next issue I would like to discuss is crime. As we all know crime is a big problem in our country. I am in favor of adding more funding to increase police officers pay and to increase the overall bettering of policing across the country. I feel police officers are extremely under paid for the jobs that they do. Crime is one issue I agree with Gore on. Gore wants to intensify the fight against crime. He wants to add 50000 more police to the streets in the next 10 years. Bush on the other hand didn’t have too much in speaking out against crimes. Both candidates support having the death penalty. But, only Gore states that he wants to have the death penalty for the killing of a federal officer.

I like that idea because it shows that Gore is going to protect his own. The next issue I am going to discuss ties in with the previous issue of crime, drugs. Drugs are a huge problem right now in our society. Almost everyone I know has done a drug at some point in their lives. I know growing up in Chicago I came across a lot of people with a drug problem. But, it is not only in the city where drug use occurs. It happens in the suburbs, the farms, and everywhere else. The fight against drugs is an area I feel both candidates should concentrate. Because almost ever family has probably been touched by a drug problem. Gore and Bush both feel similar in the drug policy. Both candidates want to toughen up the war against drugs. They both want to concentrate more effort on stopping