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unreasonable search or seizure (Smyth, 1998; 27). When something almighty such as our government begins to possess all the information of our lives, they begin their first steps towards regulating our actions. Modern technology is great, however in the wrong hands it can be a dangerous weapon of mass destruction, and worse yet, mass control (Caminiti 1996; 1). When the government begins to deceive its citizens we are no longer a democratic society. While rights and freedoms in our society and in Nineteen Eighty-four exist, they are not respected as a result of a dominating totalitarian state. The citizens of Oceania had their rights and freedoms taken away from them by creating laws against Thoughtcrime and Treason. Thoughtcrimes are any ideas one might have that renounce the

unflawed Big Brother image. Winston demonstrates a curious dualism in his thinking: he recognizes that he is guilty of thoughtcrime and that thoughtcrime is death, but at the same time he assumes that he is so far undetected (Fairclough, 1970; 17). In our society we have the political freedoms of speech, religion, press, assembly and association. However, these ideals which are guaranteed to us by our constitution are not always protected. Sometimes they are trampled over by the very people who should help us in defending them, the government. When former president Suharto of Indonesia came to Canada for the APEC summit, peaceful student protestors were attacked and pepper sprayed by RCMP officers. Many people suspect that Prime Minister Jean Chretien may have had some influence

in this course of action. This police response jeopardized the rights of ordinary citizens and showed the hypocritical characteristics of the government. There are issues involving our trade dealings with other countries that have a history of human rights violations such as China, where even with our Charter of Rights and Freedoms we still condone trade with corrupt nations. One must inquire as to why we even have the Charter. It is only there to let the populace believe in the illusion, so that the people will remain loyal citizens. The citizens of Oceania and the citizens of our world should all be treated equally, but this is not true since there is obviously a division of classes. In 1984 they are the Inner Party, Outer Party and the Proles, however in our world the classes

are not as well defined as in 1984, but upper, middle, and lower classses can be loosely identified. Another right that is subverted by our dominators is the freedom of the press. Reporters are supposed to cover the issues of the day and the news as it happens. However, in reality the editors decide upon what is newsworthy in each edition, and they cannot be completely free from interference as they receive their employment from the media barons who own all the newspapers and television and radio stations. The rights and freedoms that we believe we possess are just as empty as the promises Big Brother holds for its own citizens making us a Totalitarian Society. Our Democratic Illusion is truly a Totalitarian Reality where a few individuals who own a high concentration of media

manipulate what we are allowed to know about. The exploitation of our media by those individuals should not be tolerated anymore, but it may already be too late to cease the utilization of our channels of information in this manner. Much like the world of Nineteen Eighty-four it is too late for those citizens to fight their own media barons, the Party . Peoples history and information are recorded and used for any purposes the government or corporations desire. This invasion of our privacy is an offense to our rights and individual liberties, similar to Big Brother s reprehensible method of repressing its citizens. Rights and freedoms are trampled over by the leaders we trust to enforce them, which clearly shows the governments hypocritical view of our rights. Our freedom only

exists as an illusion, so our leaders can control us, this is the same as Oceania s method of using propaganda to maintain stability in their country. The possibility that our world becomes totalitarian seems less fictional with each passing day, writers like George Orwell make us aware that this reality is coming true. 330