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1984 Journal Essay, Research Paper Journal for 1984 by George Orwell Book I Chapter 1 Summary Observations&Questions (5-20) We meet a man named Winston Smith, who is a worker at the Ministry of Truth, he shows to be rebellious and a fatalist. He buys a diary and writes and inputs into it, so he is guilty of a thought crime. At the rally he meets O’Brien and thinks that he and O’Brien are the same; he then thinks about Emmanuel Goldstein and the Brotherhood. The use of imagery is apparent at the begging where Winston describes his apartment and its rigidness. Winston stresses the poster as being omniscient because it was eying every action made. Given from the narrators one is given yet another imagine, one that describes London as being ugly something resembling like

the streets of Columbia. The narrator details that Winston was drinking Vicotory Gin, which sounds like it has the same effect as drinking battery acid does, so from that we can see the way the government is in its opposites and contradictions. Victory would mean good stuff but not in Oceania, another type would be freedom is slavery, war is peace, and ignorance is strength all depict how the government works in that it uses propaganda and especially deception to control the citizens of London. [1] What is the name of the flat that Winston Smith lives in? [1] How many ministries are there? [1] Which ministry does Winston Smith work at? [1] What date on entry to the diary does Winston Smith place? The first entry to the Winston Smith?s diary in which it to Jewish people this shows

how this book revolves around World War II. It also shows the power of Big Brother and have it can control everything including the way the people think. [1] Who solely is considered the enemy of the people? At the attendance of Two minutes of hate, it known that the enemy is Emmanuel Goldstein, who is a Jewish man. This idea of the enemy being Jewish goes inside of the idea of Hitler?s final solution. During the two minutes of hate assembly, the telescreen also shows Eurasia and Eastasia then the narrator lets know that Oceania was at war with either of the two. This sounds like the Cold War Eurasia could be Russia and Eastasia could China. The worlds ?my saviour? were repeated throughout the two minutes of hate upon the presentation of the Big Brother on the huge telescreen.

This shows how well brainwashed these people of Oceania are and how Big Brother has been programmed to be seen as God or a god, this brings the Hitler idea how people thought of him as god and that everything revolved around him. Through the narrator we can sense the deviant behaviour or rebellious feeling that Winston Smith possesses. The phrase ?DOWN WITH BIG BROTHER? is repeated several times possibly to aid in casting that Winston Smith is in fact a rebellious type, or is done in lieu that it will help Winston Smith refocus himself when in time of doubt whether or not Big Brother is correct or not. [1] What is the apparent language of Oceania? [1] How did people call or refer to Goldsteins book? [3] Winston Smith?s character is one of a rebellious nature, yet he seems so

pessimistic about his illegalities why? Summary Observations&Questions Book I Chapter 2 (20-27) Winston Smith is asked to fix Mrs. Parson?s sink he does, upon leaving Mrs. Parsons he is terrorized by Mrs. Parsons two kids training to be Junior Spies. The kids were excited that afternoon because they wanted to see the hanging of some political enemies in the park. Back at Mr. Smith?s flat, he remembers a dream in which O?brien?s voice says ?we shall meet in a place where there is no darkness,? he then writes in his diary that he is a thought criminal and will soon be dead. The word ?comrade? is used by choice to which it signifies the addressing demand of Nazi Socialism or Stalinism. Mrs. Parsons two kids who were acting like spies and threaten Winston Smith of being a thought