1984 Essay Research Paper In the begining

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1984 Essay, Research Paper In the begining, the Time Traveler is in his house showing his guest the unbelievable discovery and invention he had come upon. As expected his guests sceptical of his invention. The Time Traveler and the Medical Man discussed the fourth dimention, time, for quite a long time. Then the Time Traveler conducted an experiment to show his disbelievers that he is telling the truth. The Time Traveler showed his small, working model of the time machine. He pulled the lever to start the time machine and it vanished. This would have been enough for any normal man to believe, however, his guest were smarter than to be fooled. After this, his guest were still sceptical. They questioned weather or not it was magic. Many said they had seen similar things done in

a magic trick. The following week the same guest were waiting for their late host to arrive for another talk about the time machine. The Time Traveler finally arrived all wheather worn and hungry. He then sat down to eat. After he ate he began to tell the story of his time travels and how he ended up there. The Time Traveler had used his time machine to go far into the future. He had noticed when he got there that it was not at all what he had expected. He thought that future Earth would be more advanced in technology. The Time Traveler found a race of people called the Eloi which he lives among for a period of time. The Eloi seemed peaceful and lazy. The Eloi were vegetarians and ate fruit all day. The Time Traveler saved a small female Eloi and she followed him ever since. The

Time Traveler found his time machine missing. The only place he thought it could be in the large white sphinx. He tryed to open the sphinx, but had no luck. Then the time traveler found a deep well,which he thought might go to the sphinx. He climb down in to the well only to find that it was inhabited by a race of carnivors,which live only in the darkness of the well. These creatures were named the Morlocks. He lit matches to frighten them off as they attacked him. he then left the cavern and returned to the surface. He was affraid that the Morlocks might consider this an act of war, he was right. In the morning after he had returned he found the buildings of the Eloi city destroyed. He and The girl he had saved went in a large palace. They found that it was a museum. He found

many items from his past. After searching the museum The two of of them ran off to hide from the Morlocks. Night fell and the Morlocks attacked them. The Time Traveler was fighting them when he noticed that his fire had caught the whole forest on fire. Both the Morlocks and the Time Traveler ran for safety. The Time Traveler found a safe place in the forest. The Morlocks, blinded by the light ran into the fire. All of them died including the girl the Time Traveler had saved. The Time Traveler went back to the white sphinx. This time the doors were open. He entered and saw his time machine in the center of the room. Then he went up to the machine. large pieces of metal fell down and trapped the Time Traveler. This was all a trap set up by the Morlocks. The Time Traveler did nt

worry,because he had the levers to start the time machine. As he kicked off attacking Morlocks he put the levers in and went far into time. When he stopped the time machine he noticed he was even further in time. This silent world was even more different than the Earth he knew. The sun was very close and firery red. He went back into his time machine and returned to his past. Then the time traveler was back at the present time. After he told the story his guest still did not seem to believe him,but he did not care and wasn’t expecting anymore. One of his guest returned the next day to ask the Time Traveler more. The Time Traveler told him he would go into the future and bring back proof for him. Then the Time Traveler left never to return again.