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thought could destroy your personality if the ability to think for oneself was erased. “It’s a beautiful thing, destruction of words… You haven’t a real appreciation of Newspeak, Winston… Don’t you see that the whole aim of Newspeak is to narrow the range of thought? In the end we will make thoughtcrime literally impossible, because there will be no words in which to express it.” (Orwell 46). “Newspeak” happened in most communist countries whereby the government “simplified” or deleted words from the dictionary and from peoples’ daily life (by penalizing those that use these words). This was the way government destroyed free speech and thoughts and any logical thinking, because people would lack the words to describe complex thoughts and abstract feelings.

This way, the only things that can possibly make sense are what the party chooses for you to hear and learn. They do not allow families Separating of families they force people to only love Big Brother In this society, privacy and freedom do not exist. People are constantly monitored by telescreens, and subjected to a constant barrage of propaganda. Any devious thought or action is dealt with by cruel and deadly punishment. This punishment came in two forms, mental and physical. “The only antidote to mental suffering is physical pain” (Marx). Both Stalin and Big Brother drew greatly from Marx. Adhering to this policy of physical pain to fix mental problems, torture was used in both societies. Every human has a breaking point, and fear, hate, and pain are more motivating than

love, happiness, and privacy. Anti-capitalism Renowned internationally as a forthright speaker against Stalin, Orwell was, however, an ardent Socialist and was keen to distance himself from Russian totalitarianism. His Socialist beliefs, coupled with his experience in the Spanish Civil War as a member of the revolutionary militia, led him to realize the threat of fascist, or at least autocratic, rule. No other book has been known to inspire people with such a love of liberty and hatred of tyranny. The individual has a basic desire to be free from restraint and control, and Orwell recognized this. 1984 is an expression of Orwell’s irritation at many of the facets of English Socialism, as well as Russian Communism. It is also a reflection of his own ideas about the nature of

political corruption and, to be specific, Stalinist Russia.