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The secret police of all three parties were primarily concerned with bringing down the opposition as stated before. This was done on the idea of creating a pure party, could only be done by destroying all opposition. Totalitarian regimes are well known for their desire in creating a pure party. Stalinist Russia tried to accomplish this by changing historical facts as well as documents, making them promote the party as the only correct party. Stalin also promoted a steady if not tremendous increase in infant birth, and he stressed the use of medical budgets to be appropriated for the health of babies. Older people were allowed to whither away, this was done so that the reminder of older ways was destroyed. Nazi Germany participated in mass exterminations in the process of ethnic

cleansing. Millions of Jews and Arabs were killed by Hitler s troops just to maintain a superior race. 1984 provided an insight of what it would be like if the dream of creating a pure party was accomplished. Orwell showed how totalitarian regimes trained kids in military aspects and how the kids were taught to spy and report any opposition. The kids were programmed to only understand one party, thus prolonging the parties pure existence. 1984 taught many people around the world what really occurred within the gates of totalitarian regimes. It also made people realize the dangers that could occur if totalitarianism prevailed, thus expanding the policies of containment throughout the world. After it s publication, the Soviet Union was commonly known as The Evil Empire and was

always depicted as the bad guys. Orwell showed the idea of a negative utopia, which he claimed would become true if all things continued the way they were occurring. 1984 opened many eyes and helped show the light on Socialism as well as Capitalism. The publication of 1984 helped foreshadow the evils of totalitarian regimes after 1948 and the regimes for years to come.