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the Police. Syme – Syme is an intelligent and witty philologist who likes to spend time with Winston. He is ‘vaporized’ by the Party because he can see through the lies that the telescreens churn out and is rather blunt and frank in expressing his opposition. As a result, Syme is seen as a threat to the Party and is silenced forever. Before his death, Syme reveals that Newspeak, the new language f the new society, is another political endeavor on the part of the Party. By eliminating offensive words, like sex and emotion, from the language, it is another means of controlling the minds of the people. Mr. Charrington – the owner of a small shop selling odds and ends and secondhand articles. He lets Winston and Julia use the top floor of his shop as their hideout. In the

end, he reveals himself to be a member of the Thought Police. Ampleforth – a poet who makes a brief appearance in the staff canteen. He also works at the Ministry of Truth. Tillotson – a man with a fierce look, who works with Winston in the Records Department. Rutherford – one of the prominent members of the party who is accused of plotting against the Ingsoc. He is punished, forced to confess, and disappears.