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feelings that had been there before had changed ever since Winston exitited Room 101. ??I betrayed you,? she said badly. ?I betrayed you,? he said.? (240) Both admitting to betraying eachother, their love affair was over. If two lovers can both admit into betraying eachother it is obvious that if their love does not end now, betrayal might take over. As Julia notices, if you want unbearable pain to happen to the ones you supposively love than you obviously don?t love them as much as you believe you do. Was it betrayal that took over their love or was it the forces that changed them? That question is one which Winston wishes not to ask himself. Maybe he wishes to believe only what he is told since he left Room 101. Is loving Big Brother the way Winston should except his beliefs?

To Winston, that question doesn?t ever cross his mind. He is confident with his decisions and is not ready to believe other wise. He had truly crossed over. Over to the dark side. Why did he listen to O?Brien? Why did he let his beliefs contradict with his own? Changing could be a powerful and understanding thing but it depends on who you change into and what your reasons of changing are. 1984 is conveyed as a novel of misleading beliefs and acts of betrayal. One may not understand Winstons ways of betraying his beliefs and Julia. Was it for himself or the Party? Turning against others may be the result of your actions at the time. Depending on the person and what they believe, only they themself can force the deception upon them. Yes, unbearable forces can express ways of

betrayal but it is only acting on those expressive feelings to where betrayal is resulted. Winston and Julia did believe that they loved eachother but was it love or was it a force that brought them together in which this affection was expressed. Was it Winstons true beliefs or was it the beliefs in which he was grown up to believe and respect. If one is that truthful to such things as beliefs and love then no force can make them change those thoughts. 1984 is a novel filled with hidden truth. One may wish to believe such truth or one may wish to hide their beliefs for the sake of their acted feelings.