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when the power exercised by a few (Inner Party) is used to control society. Winston fights back and is crushed in spirit. The government maintains a steady state of confusion by dictating what people should believe. This is a government that wants to control the thoughts of its citizens and must crush any resistance that threatens its power. History is distorted and the news is fabricated. Friendship and intimate relations are forbidden. Everyone feels alone because their movement in being watched by the symbolic head of government, Big Brother. Unfortunately, the novel doesn t appear to have a satisfactory conclusion. Winston Smith rebels against Big Brother, but is eventually arrested, convicted without a trial, and tortured into submission by O Brien, a representative of the

Inner Party. Orwell wrote this novel several years after World War II, when countries like China and Russia were restricting individual freedom. In one sense, he was cautioning the world about the spread of communism. In another sense, he was cautioning people in democratic societies to not allow their government to limit individual freedom. The conflict does not reach suitable ending. The reader may support Winston, but he doesn t prevail. The author gets the reader s attention by letting the worse happen; Winston gives in and submits to the Party. It is the author s hope that this unhappy ending will make the reader determined never to let such powerful oppression happen in the world. On each landing, opposite the lift shaft, the poster with the enormous face gazed from the

wall. It was one of those pictures, which was so contrived that the eyes followed you about when you move. Big Brother Is Watching You, the caption beneath it ran. (p. 5) The conflict between individual freedom and too much control by the government is clearly illustrated by the notice that citizens are being spied upon. This warning, that everyone is being watched, is intentional and represents a display of power by the Party. The message strikes fear in the hearts of the citizens of the novel. Few individuals have the character to resist the oppression and those that do are crushed. The famous phrase Big Brother Is Watching You is even now recognizable by democratic societies as a forewarning against government control. Those words have delivered the message that Orwell

intended in his novel; more government control means less individual freedom. Theme: Betrayal is one of the major themes of the novel. The government is organized with secret Thought Police to watch and report on rebellious citizens. No one knows whom to trust. Winston s rebellion is know about from the beginning, since he is constantly being followed and observed by the Thought Police. O Brien was one of the people whom Winston thought was a friend and he turned out to be his greatest enemy. O Brien betrays Winston and in the end is responsible for ultimately destroying him. Winston and Julia were lovers who eventually betrayed each other. In their final meeting after Winston s torture they acted like strangers because of the guilt their betrayal created in them. Betrayal played

an important part in the government s control over its citizens and was instilled at an early age. The Parson s children demonstrated their inclination to report on any activity as though it was a part of their lives. The theme of betrayal contributes to the overall hopelessness and emptiness of characters in the novel. It contributes to the stark possibility of what ultimately can occur in society if there is too much power and control exercised by the government. They sat down on two iron chairs, side by side but not too close together. He saw that she was about to speak I betrayed you, she said baldly. I betrayed you, he said. She gave him another quick look of dislike. Sometimes, she said, they threaten you with something-something you can t stand up to (p.240) This quotation

describes a meeting between Winston and Julia after both had been interrogated and broken into submission by the Party. After confessing that they betrayed each other, they realized that they had no close feelings for each other and departed as strangers. This lack of emotion by former lovers was the ultimate indication.