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increased Government spending and they provided jobs for those who needed them in infrastructure and with those employees, constructed, built, designed, and opened freeways, railroads, buildings, bridges, and dams. Not only did Roosevelt’s New Deal give the World a new beginning, he also gave the World a new hope. With a special announcement that he directed to the Nation through a radio broacast called the “Fireside chats,” he let them know that everything would be alright. At first the Nation spent a lot of their first years of the decade going through struggle and pain but with the means of entertainment and a warm-hearted reformer, they dug themselves out of the depression and made a better life for themselves, their children and the children of the Nation. Just think

what life would be like now if the World had chosen to stay with the same president or if the Nation chose a different leader who later became a Totalitarian and believed that the master race was made up of blond haired people with blue eyes.