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1927 Yankees Essay, Research Paper Murders Row The 1920’s were one of the greatest eras for baseball. Some of the greatest players to ever play the game of baseball played in the 1920’s: Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Ty Cobb just to name a few. The 1920’s also produced one of the best teams (if not the best team) of all time: The 1927 Yankees. In 1920 the Yankees purchased Babe Ruth from the Boston Red Sox for 125,000 dollars in cash and a 300,000 dollar loan to the owner of the Red Sox. This was the beginning of the building of what journalists later referred to as “The greatest lineup ever assembled.” The Babe was most famous for his hitting, but he was also a great pitcher, and played right field. Babe Ruth still holds the major league record for homeruns in a career

with 714. In 1920 Babe scored 241 runs breaking the modern record of 158. The “Sulten of Swat” is the second best ever in RBI’s ( runners batted in)- holding a total of 2,213. In 1927 he hit a modern record of 60 homeruns which was later broken by fellow Yankee Roger Maris in 1961. He was also the highest paid player of his time at 70,000 dollars a year. The next closest player in terms of salary was only paid 17,500 dollars. In 1927 he was feared so much as a hitter he was walked 138 times. The Babe also won the Triple Crown in 1924 (leading the league in batting average, homeruns, and RBI’s in one season). The Babe used between a 37-42 oz. Bat compared to a 31-36 oz. Bat which modern players use. The Babe was the first professional athlete to endorse products for

companies: candy bars, cereal, and even toothpaste. Just one years after the Babe retired he was inducted into Baseballs Hall of Fame in 1936. There are many other breathtaking facts I could state, but that could be a report in itself. Now, maybe you can see why he was called the “Greatest player who ever lived.” Then in 1921 the Yankees acquired Wait Hoyt a pitcher from the Boston Red Sox. Wait Hoyt was nickname the “schoolboy.” Hoyt produced a 110-85 record over his career. Then in 1969 Wait Hoyt was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. Herb Pennock was the next great player the Yankees acquired in their building of the 1927 Yankees. The Yankees liked this left handed pitcher so much they were willing to pay him 17,500 dollars second only to Babe Ruth. Huggins the

manager of the Yankees once called Pennock “the greatest lefty in history.” Herb Pennock had a 19-8 record in 1927. He also posted a 3.00 ERA in that great season of 1927. Pennock was also one of the greatest pitcher’s who ever pitched in the World Series posting a 5-0 career record in the World Series. He also retired 22 batters in a row in the 1927 World Series. Herb Pennock was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1948. In 1923 Lou Gehrig made his rookie debut for the Yankees. Gehrig was probably the second most recognized player for the Yankees. Gehrig was one of the most reliable players ever to play the game of baseball playing 2,130 games in a row. That record for most games played in a row was just recently broken by Cal Ripken Jr. It wasn’t until 1925 before he

became the regular first baseman for the most feared team in baseball. In 1927 the breakout year for Gehrig had 175 RBI’s a record at the time. Gehrig also had 117 extra base hits in 1927 (doubles, triples, or homeruns). Gehrig also made his World Series debut in which he drove in the winning run. Gehrig and Ruth combined were later referred to as the greatest one two punch ever. In 1929 Gehrig was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. In 1924 after a breakout year in 1923 when he hit .380 with 145 RBI’s the Yankees acquired Earl Combs, another key link in the building of the 1927 Yankees. In 1927 Earl Combs broke several Yankee records including at bats with 648, 23 triples, and 231 hits. Only 18 times in that great season did he fail to score or reach base. Earl Combs