1492 Conquest Of Paradise Movie Review History

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1492 Conquest Of Paradise Movie Review History Analysis Essay, Research Paper The epic voyage of Columbus has been a conscientious topic in recent times. People debate whether Columbus was responsible for the devastating effect that came after his discovery of the new world. In my opinion, Columbus shouldn’t be held accountable for the impact of western civilization to the new world. Director Ridley Scott recreates Columbus’ voyage to the unknown in his movie 1492: Conquest of Paradise in celebration of his 500th anniversary in the discovery. I feel that the main theme in this movie is that war and destruction is in man’s nature. Gerard Depardieu leads the film as the visionary Columbus. Also starring in the film are Sigourney Weaver (Queen Isabella), Armand Assante

(the treasurer Sanchez), and Michael Wincott (the nobleman De Moxica). Although the movie seemed like it would take an eternity to finish, Scott leaves his trademark of stunning visual effects and an incredible musical score which help me see through the movie to the end. 1492 starts off with Columbus and his young son Diego resting in a beautiful rocky beach. Columbus is peeling an orange while instructing his son to watch a ship at the horizon slowly sinking away. He explains to his son why the ship slowly sinks and disappears into the horizon and uses the orange to describe how the earth is round. The movie continues on which Columbus is invited to a scholarly hearing to decide whether or not his “crazed” idea in finding a quicker route to the fabled empires of Asia by

going west is conceivable. He tells them that he has calculated the exact distance to which the scholars were for the first time intrigued by his notion. However he has been refused but one man by the name of Sanchez agrees with Columbus. Sanchez gives Columbus a chance to speak to Queen Isabella but without the help of a banker, in which the Queen owes a favor to, he gets his commission to finance his travels. So begins the historical voyage of the Santa Maria, the Pinta, and the Nina to the unknown Atlantic on the third day of August 1492. After many long uneventful weeks out on the ocean the crewmen started to get agitated and many wonder if Columbus’ navigation and his calculation of the distance were an error. Plus the long days of being stranded out in sea with no wind to

push them further west fueled their suspicions to the verge of mutiny. Columbus gives an inspiring speech and by small chance of fate the winds pick up again. Eventually the three ships catches site of land which was one of the most breathtaking scenery in the movie. The fog slowly reveal the lush tropical island of Haiti. They make contact with the natives and the Spaniards were all too eager to massacre but Columbus treats them equally to his men. He quickly makes friends with the natives and journeys back to Spain leaving some of his men while bringing a couple natives and their treasures back to Spain. Delighted with the return Queen Isabella establishes the title Don Christopher Columbus and sets sail back to the New World. Columbus discovers that the men he left behind have

been brutally killed but he did not retaliate, at least not immediately. He sets a small government ruled by him and his two brothers. The few noblemen who accompanied him were caught off guard to let such savages get away with a murderous act. Little by little as the nobles grew tired of Columbus’ ways of treating the natives equally they decided to take matters to their own hands which led to the death of De Moxica, the conspirator. Saddened by the news of the mainland being discovered Spain saw no need more need for Columbus and Queen Isabella sends another to replace Columbus and was quickly thrown into prison for the deaths of the nobles. Columbus was pardoned after spending some time in prison Queen Isabella gives Columbus another chance to go back to the New World. The