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asked for a show of hands for a guilty verdict. You see some of the jurors look around the room at the raised hands and then raise their own hand to vote. The fear of disappointing the group is stronger than perhaps their own judgement, except for one dissenting vote. After the vote was not unanimous for a guilty verdict, each member tried to convince the architect, the dissenting vote, as to why they feel the boy is guilty. Another vote is taken. This time it is done by secret ballot. It is here when the cohesion of the group begins to falter. Little by little as evidence is reexamined and a ?reasonable doubt? is introduced the cohesion of the group begins to weaken. It first starts with reexamine the uniqueness of the switchblade knife. The testimony convinces all the jurors

the weapon used was one of kind purchased at a local shop. They are shocked when the architect pulls out the same knife and sticks in the table. Using logic examination of the facts the group once set on conviction and a easy verdict is forced to rethink its initial position. It slowly ends up divided and appear to be headed for a hung jury unable to reach a unanimous decision. Then it eventually comes back together for a unanimous decision. Only this time it is opposite of its original position. 4. What norms exited during the group process? Did any change? When the group was assembled in the jury room they were polite, organized and civil to each other. They knew what their responsibility was and they collectively were thinking this was a clear-cut case. The expectations held

by most of the jury members were that a verdict of guilty would be reached rather quickly and they would all be on their way. Compliance with this norm was first evident with the first vote taken. All but one of the jury members voted for a guilty verdict. It is expected of all jurors to leave out any personal biases when judging their fellow man. It is also understood that all witnesses told the truth in a court of law. After hearing the testimony of two key witnesses, the jurors are confident of a unanimous guilty verdict. Racial slurs and jokes of the suspects environment are some of the topics of discussion before the first vote. Their behavior is tolerated with in the group and is not challenged.