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is obvious, the way they get there constantly surprises and fascinates. The beauty of Rose’s script is that we come to know each of the jurors by the end of the deliberations. Most writers would gloss over some of them to concentrate on a few, but Rose gives each a unique personality and background. Jack Warden, for example, plays an fussy marmalade salesman, who made $27,000 last year and has tickets to tonight’s ball game burning in his pocket. He wants to vote guilty as quickly as possible so he can get to the ballpark. The black-and-white cinematography makes each member of the audience feel like a 13th juror. And the wailing, music provides a somber atmosphere without ever overpowering. The only fault found was with Lumet’s direction is that the last holdout for guilty

is allowed to convert all too abruptly. Nevertheless, 12 ANGRY MEN is a nearly perfect drama to be savored by generation after generation.