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would had to have taken place if the old man were to be able to see all he said he did. Juror No. 8 proved that the old man wouldn?t have been able to move as quickly as he said he did; thus, he wasn?t telling the whole truth. The same went for the woman across the street. Her testimony proved to be the extended truth as well. She said that that she was unable to fall asleep that night and she had looked out the window from her bed and saw that whole murder take place. This testimony seemed unshakable until juror No. 6 said, ?You know the woman who testified that she saw the killing wears glasses.? Then asked, ?This woman wouldn?t wear her eyeglasses to bed, would she?? This statement radiates light on the fact that ?[S]he testified that in the midst of her tossing and turning

she rolled over and looked casually out the window. The murder was taking place as she looked out, and the lights went out a split second later. She couldn?t have had time to put on her glasses?…?I say that she only saw a blur,? No. 8 said. These facts changed the most of the jurors verdicts to ?not guilty?. Near the end of these alterations, it is only the stubborn and bitter juror No. 3 who stands alone. He, too – in enmity - changes his mind to make the verdict a unanimous ?Not Guilty?. This play shows it audience that although some of us have different and sometimes adverse views, respect for other various opinions must be prominent. We can try to change the views of others by informing them and by not domineering over them with our opinions. The underlying theme of this

play was at one time said by juror No. 9: ?It takes a great deal of courage to stand alone.?