10 Things I Hate About U Essay

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10 Things I Hate About U Essay, Research Paper The Two films we have studied recently 10 things I hate about you and Ferris Buelers day off deal with certain issues relating to youths of today s society. In some cases the films confirm our attitudes and values towards youth and others challenge them. Film techniques such as the use of dialogue, soundtrack, costuming and camera angles help portray the characters image. The film 10 things I hate about you is a story about 2 completely opposite sisters Bianca, popular and vain and Katarina Stratford, who is unpopular and doesn t care about her image. 2 guys want to take Bianca to the prom, Cameron who is new at school and is neither geeky nor cool, and joey, a male model who is conceited and selfish. But Bianca s father has

forbidden her to date until her older sister Kat starts dating. So Cameron s friend comes up with the witty plan of paying someone to take out Bianca Stratford. That person is Patrick a typical bad boy who is surprisingly nice underneath. He takes a $300 dollar bribe and ends up falling in love with Kat. This film uses many filming techniques to portray Kat. When the viewer first sees Kat she is in her bombed out car with the song I don t care about my reputation blaring in the background. She often always wears dark, drab clothing and never wears makeup. She makes a point of not caring about the way she looks and her image. By behaving this way she challenges our expectations of a teenage girls. The veiwer would expect katerina to be like her younger sister Bianca. The movie

makes a direct comparison to them both when the film shoots a scene in biancas room which is bright and preety and then shoots one of kats room, dull and dark in the very next scene. Another technique used to create Kat is the use of dialogue, Kat tells Bianca you don t always have to be who they want you to be and I m a firm believer in doing something for your own reasons . Her speech is sophisticated and sarcastic and she always has an opinion about everything. Her costuming seams always to be black and her room is not one of a typical teenage girl. Katarina Stratford isn t the normal teenage girl. Her character challenges the viewer s values and attitudes. The film encourages the viewer to be themselves more and not what other people want us to be. The film Ferris Buellers

day off is a comedy about a teenager who scammed his parents into making him stay home from school because he faked a fever. He borrows his best friend Camerons dads prized possession a restored red Ferrari. A car the father loves more than Cameron himself. He hatches a plan to get his girlfriend Sloane out of school and along with Sloane and Cameron they have the best day of there lives. They visit the Sears Tower, the Art Institute, the Board of trade, a parade and a baseball game. When they finally return the car to the garage, they find out that about 200miles have been clocked up that day. Cameron flips out when they find out the miles don t come off when in reverse and starts booting the car. The then the car brakes though the garage and falls down about 3 stories. The car

is a writeoff. I think the main issue in this film is the relationship between Cameron and Ferris. Some filming techniques used to portray Camerons image are dialogue and camera angles. Cameron is opposite to Ferris in almost every way just like Bianca was to Kat In the film 10 things I hate about you. Cameron is insecure and unsure about everything. He has a low self-esteem and Ferris thinks he actually feels better when he is sick. His room is dull and boring, compared to Ferris which is alive exciting and interesting. Ferris takes a lot of risks but is always cool under pressure. His character is sumed up by a line he says in the film, you can never go to far . he is a cool, confident and full of energy. Both 10 things I hate about you and Ferris Buellers day off challenge the