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gotten lost. The rich did not share their food but ate it in little exclusive groups by themselves hurrying through it in case they had to share. While the poor had next to nothing. Paul reproached them and told them that a church is no true church if the art of sharing is forgotten. A true Christian cannot bear to have too much while others have too little; He finds his greatest privilege not in jealousy guarding his privileges but in giving them away. 1 Corinthians 11:22-34: The lords supper. This letter gives us our warrant for the sacrament of the lord s supper. The passage also talks about eating and drinking the bread and wine unworthily. Unworthily here can refer to two things. - Not knowing the meaning of the bread and of the wine and no knowledge of the obligation set

upon him. - It can also be referring to the divisions, which Paul mentioned earlier in the writing. Those who divide according to class or eat and drink carelessly. Men in whose hearts there is bitterness, contempt and hatred against his brother man. Nevertheless the phrase which forbids a man to eat and drink unworthily does not shut out the man who is a sinner and knows it. If the table of Christ was only for perfect people, none might ever approach it . (Barclay) In Corinth there was a big problem where the poor were incapable to provide for themselves. They felt ashamed and humiliated for they had nothing causing tensions.Paul tried to reassure them with the point that God accepts rthe poor so the rich ought not to make them feel unworthy. Interpretative questions - What does

the blood/flesh represent - What does the new covenant refer to - What does it mean to sin against the body - Why continue The lords supper. When jesus said this is my body, he said of the bread. The broken bread of the sacrement does not stand for the body of christ but it does more. It is not only a means of memory but a means of contact with Jesus Christ. The blood is the life says the law ( deuteronomy 12:23) The very scarlet of the wine stands for the very blood without which a new relationship of man to God could never have been possible. These were the foundations for the new covenant to God which was not a one of lambs and other animals but one through his son (Tyndale). Few churches today may be guilty of gluttony or drunkenness during the lord s supper or church

service. However modern christians fail to recognize the body of the lord between types of chrisians examples are the unwritten dress code of certain churches excludes those who can t afford that type of dreesing. The music played in the church, discrimination between members due to their social position ,gender discrimination. A church where social and class distinction occur is no true church at all. A church is no true church if the art of sharing is forgotten. When people wish to keep things to themseves. The true christian cannot bear to have too much while others have to little , he finds his greatest priviledge in giving away The text goes on to talk about a man eating of the body unworthily. This consists of two things: -It may mean the man who eats and drinks unworhtily

does not know the the sacred symbols mean. IT may mean he eats with no reverence and no sense of love that these symbols stand for and the obligation that is laid upon him. - It may mean that the phrase the body of christ stands for the Church(Barclay pg105). As we see in these pesice of the corinthians, Paul has been rebuking those with their divisions. By being at variance with their brothers they are destroying the body of christ. However we must note that unworthilly does not shut out the man who is a sinner and knows it. In fact it is for sinners . IF the table of christ were only for perfect people non might ever approach it. Each time we take this sacrement it is to remind us of our covenant with the lord. It is to reming us of what the lord did for us when he died on the

cross. Word Studies Covenant: DIATHEKE: Hebrew word meaning agreement. It does not contain idea of joint obligation. So better trans;ation to english is promise. Obligation is usually taken by one person. In this passage by Paul “The blood is the life” says the law(deuteronomy 12:23). It costs the life of jesus to make this new relationship possible(Barclay). The scarlet wine of the sacrement stands for the blood of Christ without which The new covenant will not have been possible. The follozing references refer to covenants: Acts 3:25 Romans 11:27 1Corinthians 11:27 Galatians 3:17 Acts 7:8 1Corinthians 3:6 Galatians 4:24 1Corinthians 3:14 Supper:In this part of corinthians, supper is to some extent misleading. Usually to us it is not the main meal of the day. But the greek