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1 Corinthians 11 Paper Essay, Research Paper Paul the Apostle. He was initially known as Saul of tarsus. He was born a Jew in a family of Pharisees (ACTS 23.6) of the tribe of Benjamin in Tarsus of Ciicilia. He was a tent maker by profession. Paul was an oppressor of the Church. He breathed threats and murder against the disciples of the lord ….. and being exceedingly mad against them, I persecuted them even unto strange cities (Acts 26:10-11). He was on his way to Damascus that the spirit hit Paul and heard Jesus Christ s voice instructing him as minister and witness to the gentiles. Paul visited Corinth during his second missionary journey Probably in AD 50. Having been in some peril in Macedonia he fled by ship to Athens (ACTS17: 5-15) He then journeyed a short distance

to Corinth where he stayed with Priscilla and Aquila. He preached and upset the Jews. They hauled him before the new governor gallio hoping to silence him but the case was thrown out of court for having no merit After 18 months this was Paul s longest stay anywhere except for Ephesus. He left for Syria to continue his missionary Work. Paul was a very important person and wrote many books of the New Testament. He also emphasized on the fact that salvation was not meant only for Jews but for gentiles as well. Two events sparked the writing of first Corinthians some 3 or 4 years later. First he heard there was a divisive spirit in the church (1corinthians 1:11). Secondly he received a letter in which questions where asked on marriage and other matters. In addition a delegation came

from Corinth and filled in his knowledge on the problem. Being unable to visit them he decided to deal with the problem through Letters. . The Lords Supper Bookchart: 17: He gives instructions and tells them he is not praising them. 18: Rebukes them for their opposing groups in meetings. 19: Divisions necessary for good/bad to be separated. 20:21:22: Rebukes the people for loosing the significance if the lords. 23: The teaching he gives is what he received from Christ 24: – Christ thanked God -The bread represented his body and the wine represented his blood 25: The supper represented the new covenant with God. 26: Each time you eat the bread or drink the wine you proclaim the lord s death till he comes. 27: If anyone eats from the bread or drinks the wine in a way that

dishonors him, he is guilty of sin. 28: Everyone should examine himself before eating from the cup. 29: If he does not recognize the meaning of the lord s body he brings judgement upon himself as he eats and dreams 30: That is why many are sick and ill and have died. 31: If we examine ourselves firs we will not come under God s judgement. 32: We are judged so we may not be condemned with the world. 33: Be patient at the lords supper. 34: -Eat at home before. So you will not come under Gods judgement when you meet. -As for the other matters, I will settle them when we meet. Key verses 26 & 27. The bible passage can be divided into two for better understanding: 1st corinthians11: 7-22: The wrong type of feast. The main problem in this part of Corinthians is when the people of

the church have written to Paul complaining about how the holy meal of communion is being carried out in the church in Corinth. The people had a wrong perspective of the feast. It was a regular custom for the people to meet together for meals. There was in particular a feast eranos to which each participant brought his own share of the food. The early church called this feasts the Agape or Love feast. It was a way of producing and nourishing real Christian fellowship. But in the church in Corinth things had gone sadly wrong with this feast. In the church there were the rich and the poor those who could afford plenty and the slaves who could bring hardly anything at all. For some slaves it might have been the most decent meal in the whole week. The art of sharing in Corinth had